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Thermostat Guard BTG-RK

Thermostat guards cover and protect thermostats from damage, vandalism, tampering, and unauthorized adjustment. Also known as thermostat covers or lockbox covers, most guards are a universal fit with any thermostat that shares matching dimensions. They mount horizontally or vertically and are commonly installed in commercial, public, and industrial buildings, such as schools, warehouses, churches, and hospitals. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Product Details:

Thermostat Guard BTG-RK

High Impact Polymer (Plastic) Construction
Inside dimensions solid base: 5 ¼” x 4 ⅜” x 3″
Inside dimensions ring base: 5 ¼” x 4 ⅝” x 3¼”
Ring base for mounting around an existing thermostat
Solid base for new installations to mount the thermostat on the base
Metal lock set with 2 keys for durability

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