Metric DIN 975 Threaded Rods

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Metric DIN 975 Threaded Rods

Metric DIN 975 is a standard that specifies the dimensions and properties of threaded rods in metric units. These rods are typically made of steel and have a thread along their entire length, allowing nuts to be screwed onto them for fastening applications.
The threaded rods are commonly used in construction and industrial applications, such as supporting pipes, cables, or conduits, as well as in machinery and equipment assembly. They can also be used for bracing or anchoring purposes.
The dimensions of the threaded rods include the diameter, pitch (distance between threads), and length. The standard also specifies the material, surface finish, and mechanical properties of the rods, which depend on the grade of steel used.
Overall, threaded rods are versatile fastening elements suitable for various applications where strong and reliable connections are required.

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