Product Details:


An air conditioning transformer is an electrical component that is used to step down the voltage of the power supply to a level that is suitable for the air conditioning system. It is typically installed in the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system and is responsible for supplying power to the compressor and other components.

Product details:

  1. Product Introduction

The air conditioning transformer is a vital component in air conditioning systems, designed to provide the necessary power supply for the system to function effectively. This transformer is specifically engineered to step down the voltage from the main power source to a lower voltage suitable for the air conditioning unit.

Our air conditioning transformers are built with precision and reliability in mind. They are constructed using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With a compact and durable design, our transformers are capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of air conditioning applications.

  1. Product Parameter (Specification)

Power Transformer

INPUT: 120V/208V/240V



  1. Product Feature And Application

Key Features:

  1. Voltage Conversion: The transformer efficiently steps down the voltage from the main power supply to a level suitable for the air conditioning system, ensuring safe and reliable operation.


  1. High Efficiency: With advanced design and construction, the transformer minimizes energy loss and maximizes efficiency, contributing to energy savings and reduced operating costs.


  1. Robust Construction: The transformer is built with durable materials and components, capable of withstanding high temperatures, voltage fluctuations, and other environmental factors commonly encountered in air conditioning systems.


  1. Thermal Protection: Equipped with thermal overload protection, the transformer automatically shuts down in case of excessive heat, preventing damage and ensuring safety.


  1. Easy Installation: The transformer is designed for easy installation, with clear labeling and standardized wiring connections, making it convenient for HVAC technicians.


  1. Wide Compatibility: Available in various voltage ratings and sizes, the air conditioning transformer is compatible with a wide range of air conditioning systems, ensuring versatility and flexibility in installation.


  1. Reliable Performance: The transformer undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure reliable and consistent performance, meeting industry standards and regulations.

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