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Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay

PTC relay, also known as contactless starter, is actually a PTC thermistor starter. When starting the compressor, you’ll find the PTC component temperature is low, the resistance is small, and it can be approximated as a straight-through circuit.

If the starting current increases to 4-6 times the normal, it will cause the temperature of the element to rise rapidly. Plus the resistance would increase to several orders of magnitude, and the passing current could become small, which may be regarded as an open circuit.

It suitable for compressors used in refrigerators, freezers, water coolers, de-humidifiers, vending machines and similar refrigeration applications. It plugs directly onto the compressor terminal pins, and is frequently used with the 4TM plug-on motor protector.

Specs: PTC Relay 1/2 – 1/12 HP 110/220V

This solid state starter relay suits some Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Maytag & Amana fridges. May suit other brands. Fits Embraco EM40H, FG85HAK, Tecumseh THK1340YCF.


Product Details:


1/12-1/2HP  110/220V, 3/4 terminals


• Solid-state PTC motor starter
• Designed for use with most split phase, capacitor run and/or start,
fractional h.p. hermetic compressors
• Available for all single phase voltage applications
• Low power dissipation
• Easy installation
• Electrically (EMI) noise free
• Operating noise free
• Approved for use with explosive proof applications
• High reliability with no moving parts

Technical Features:

• Utilizes PTC pill materials to energize / de-energize motor start windings
• Provides inherent start winding protection
• Optimal packaging approach improves efficiency
• Used in 120V or 240V applications
• Provides lowest power consumption in industry
• Wide spectrum of resistance ranges available


• Fits within most existing terminal fences
• Highly legible part coding
• One rating will potentially service entire compressor voltage series
• Mounts directly to the compressor terminal pins
• Compatible with world class 4TM motor protection

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