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Worm Drive Clamps

The SuperAir can supply Quick Release Worm Drive Clips,including Non insulated aluminium flexible air ducts with single aluminum foil, Non-insulated aluminium flexible air ducts with double aluminum foil, Insulated aluminium flexible air ducts, square Insulated Aluminium flexible air ducts, Thermally and acoustically insulated Aluminium flexible air ducts, PVC Flexible air duct, Non-insulated aluminium rectangular flexible, Insulated aluminium rectangular flexible, floor air duct, round steel air duct, panel air duct, and their accessories.


Product Details:

1.Product Introduction

The SuperAir Quick Release Worm Drive Clips s used to close steel. It’s also available for 9 mm and in 9 mm W4 (AISI 304) quality. Locking system for continuous band. You may cut it to any size for fitting different size flflexible ducts. and Band is 9mm width, 0.6mm thickness width rounded edges and smooth underside of banding prevent any risk of damage of the duct of pipe being clamped. Also, Band material is Stainless (SS) steel AISI 430  Galvanized Steel.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)


3.Product Feature And Application

Fast, simple and safe assembly.
Enables the closing of clamps of many diameters.
Water industry.
Air conditioning.

4.Product Details

Band Clip





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