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PVC Slim Duct Line Set Covers

air conditioning pvc line set cover kits

Tired of seeing all those lines and coils messing up with the pretty décor of your place? Get PVC slim duct line set covers to cover them.

What Is A Slim Duct Line Set Cover?

To understand what that is, we first need to break it down into simpler terms.

First of all, slim duct systems are solely used for mini-split setups. They are used for creating cooling and heating spaces or multiple spaces to go with only one network of units. On the other hand, a line set cover serves as a cover for things like drain lines, control cables, and, most importantly, cover line sets when they cannot be installed on a wall.

In conclusion, PVC slim duct line cover is basically a PVC cover for slim duct systems. Still, if it is hard for you to understand, let’s go through a few more details to make it clear for you.

Slim Duct Line Set Cover

What Is A Line Set?

To start, let’s define what a line set actually is. In simplest terms, A line set is used for copper piping in the HVAC system, which carries refrigerant from the condenser outside to the evaporator coil inside and back out again. The copper piping in a line set consists of 2 pipes—first, a smaller line that holds high-pressure liquid refrigerant, and second, a more extensive suction line that holds low-pressure gaseous refrigerant. Since such systems are pressurized, that eludes to the fact that the line set in HVAC systems are ‘closed’ (i.e., pipes can’t be opened), where refrigerant should not enter or leave the system at any point unless there is a leak. In this pressurized line set system, a qualified technician will be required to fix any leaks or pressure changes.

insulated pair coils 3
Line set-insulated pair coils

Why Do You Need a Line set?

As mentioned above, a line set connects an HVAC/AC system’s indoor and outdoor units. In order to ensure that the indoor and outdoor units are operating cohesively and efficiently, the outdoor unit (the condenser) will supply the indoor unit (the evaporator) with refrigerant. If your system is equipped with a heat pump, the flow of the air would be reversed, and the heat would be provided directly to your home or business under these circumstances.

Are Line Sets Available in Different Sizes?

Depending on the mini-split brand, the condenser’s size, the distance between units, and the number of indoor units needed, line sets can come in varying sizes. These differences depend mainly on the mini-split brand, the condenser’s size, and the distance between units. As well as the line sets themselves, mini-split systems can also be manufactured in a variety of sizes in order to fit your demands as a homeowner or commercial property owner. If your HVAC unit is rated for more BTUs or greater tonnage, then you will need a line set with a larger diameter to accommodate the increased horsepower.

What is a Line Set Cover?

After we have a better understanding of what a line set is and what it can do, we can move on to another extremely important element of a line set – the cover. Defining a line set cover is much simpler than defining an existing line set system, primarily because the purpose of the line set cover is to conceal and protect the line sets, drain lines, and other cables for your mini split system that cannot be installed directly into a wall when they can be concealed. As mentioned earlier, the line set covers are very important, as they will protect the outside lines from being damaged by the weather, as well as other environmental factors. Furthermore, line set covers keep the indoor lines free from condensation, as well as changes in temperature and humidity that may occur in a home featuring extreme temperature changes throughout the year. This would prevent the lines from deteriorating due to condensation.

Line Set Covers For Ductless Mini Split Systems:

As a result of its ductless design, a ductless mini-split system uses a set of copper lines (also called copper tubing) to transfer refrigerant from its outdoor compressor to the indoor air handler through the use of an evaporator. Among the two separate lines that are included in this set, there is a liquid line which is relatively small, and a somewhat more extensive suction line. Due to the nature of mini-split systems, the line sets are often exposed to the outdoor elements when installed, resulting in a higher rate of corrosion than if the systems had been installed in a protected environment.

The job of the line set cover is to protect not only the line sets but also the drain tubing and the cables from any damage caused by outdoor elements and weather phenomena. This also includes UV rays that lead to a severe breakdown of the line set’s insulation if given enough time. Additionally, the design of the line set cover also gives it weather-resistant ability, which enables the ductless system to keep working in tip-top conditions. This will hold even during extreme temperatures.

Slim Duct Line Set Covers:

Now that it is clear what slim duct line set covers are move on to the next part: why line set covers are so important.

Why Does a Line Set Need Protection?

Well, we have already established all of that beforehand. Still, if you are specifically looking for advantages only, then here is the fact: the essential parts of the line set are placed outdoors if your AC or heat pump is installed outside. Now, how exactly will it expose it to which dangers? Here are some honorable mentions.

  • Wind, rain, sleet, snow, and ice. All of these weather phenomena can cause significant damage, resulting in leaks.
  • Your pets with sharp teeth (dogs, cats, any canine would do, rodents, mice. In short, any small animal with sharp teeth only needs something to chew on. And wires are a favorite target for rodents of all shapes and sizes to chew on like a toy.
  • Lawn care equipment devices with sharp blades, weed eaters and other harmful chemicals can sever the line or damage it in other ways if you or a hired landscaper are not careful.

What Would Happen if You Don’t Get a Line Set Protection Cover?

It’s very simple, to be honest. If you don’t provide proper protection, like getting and installing a line set cover, the slim duct system will be damaged. And that, in turn, will lead to a significant decrease in the efficiency of your air conditioner, even if, by a miracle, no leak occurs in the system. Additionally, it is also exposed to outdoor temperatures, both cool and hot, which would leach off the warm or cold air from the refrigerant line. That is a direct loss of energy, which would not only decrease the energy of your HVAC system, but it would also cause your energy balls to shoot through the roof.

PVC slim duct cover sets

Advantages of Line Set Cover:

Here are a few of the advantages of installing line set covers.

Hides Mini-Split Line Sets:

There is a comparison that can be made between line sets and the arteries in the human body. In spite of the fact that they do not carry life-giving oxygen to vital organs, their job is not that different.

To keep your air conditioning system functioning, AC lines need to carry refrigerant, which is a vital part of it. To reach the condenser, a portion of the line sets are generally installed along an exterior wall to reach the unit. The distance between the outdoor condenser and the evaporator in a system will determine how long a line set will have to be, and it is possible to wrap it around a corner of a home or building, depending on the type of system. And we don’t need to explain how that would destroy your precious home’s appearance.

But with the help of line set covers, you can eliminate that unsightly distraction of visible refrigerant lines. That will prove to be an excellent benefit for those who prefer to preserve or improve their curb appeal.

Discourages Rodents From Becoming Residents:

Rodents only need a little bit of encouragement to make their home in any corner. And crisp fall temperatures are the biggest encouragement that has existed to these pests. Sure, the sights in the season are to die for, along with seasonal foods and bonfires. But the invitation to pests also comes with the package.

As we have already mentioned earlier, rodents like to chew on wires like a baby chew on their favorite toy. The line set provides a perfect hiding space from decreasing temperatures, so the pests are enticed with such a convenient space.

And although there are many things that could be done to discourage these small animals from taking up space in such places, getting line set protection cover will still be the best option you are going to get.

Prolongs the Life of HVAC Systems:

Many owners make the faulty assumption that they have done everything they can to take care of their HVAC systems by simply scheduling a routine cleaning. Some even consider getting covers for outside units to be the pinnacle of their care and responsibility for the maintenance of the system. The reality, however, cannot be furthest from this. Rarely anyone cares about exposed wires if they are not insulated.

The only reason many do care about exposed refrigerant lines and wires is for vanity and aesthetics. What about things like UV rays? Or harm from outdoor elements, which may cause deterioration, decay, and leaks? All of this also leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the air conditioner.

When refrigerant lines are unprotected, they can be damaged and deteriorate. Without insulation, the refrigerant heats up and can damage the system.

Here is the truth of the matter: when your air conditioner runs efficiently, you save money on your energy bills. The efficiency of a system can enhance the longevity of the entire heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. And installing line set covers is the most inexpensive way to help customers get the most out of their HVAC system.

Customizable for Every Home Design:

As we have mentioned earlier, people are often worried about the aesthetics of their homes, avoiding anything that might harm the curb appeal. And exposed refrigerant lines and wiring are just one of those things.

Even though that is not the primary purpose of line set covers, for many buyers, appearance does matter. Luckily that is something line set covers do promise in addition to their primary job of hiding and protecting refrigerant lines, pipes, and wiring.

Line set covers can be blended in all architectural styles, whether as colonial-style homes or mid-century modern heaven. You can get covers that blend in with the existing color scheme or make them stand out with accents by painting them over. It doesn’t take much to make it look good. All that is needed is a little bit of creativity.

The most common colors are white and brown, which are also standard ones. But again, the most important thing to remember is that line set covers can be painted over. You are good to go with a little bit of customization and a dab of paint over there.

The advantages of line set covers can be summarized into 4 broad terms: protection, efficiency, appearance, and longevity. But all of that is the advantage of line set cover. What about the PVC slim duct line set covers?

Advantages of PVC Slim Duct Line Set Covers:

  • Protection against weather elements
  • Treated to be UV stabilized
  • Provide insulation
  • Discourage pests and rodents from chewing on wires and make hoe in ducts
  • Prevents condensation to causing harm
  • Protection against decay, deterioration, and leaks
  • Aesthetically pleasing for curb appeal
  • Customizable in colors
  • It can be painted over

Are PVC Slim Duct Line Set Covers Necessary?

For all the protection it does provide, line set covers are not strictly necessary to install. Your HVAC system would still work without it. However, that does not means you should not get one. Because while it’s not always necessary to cover the exposed pipes, wires, or refrigerant lines, some components would still benefit from being shielded from harmful UV rays and direct temperatures.

How To Get The Best PVC Slim Duct Line Set Covers?

This is an era of internet and global connectivity. So if you are still looking for a lot of options regarding PVC slim duct line set covers in the known area, you can always go on the internet and make a quick search. Google will find you the best sellers and suppliers. You will also be able to sort through the good and best ones by reading through the customer reviews. Just make sure you avoid the businesses with red flags; litigation history, bad reps regarding customer service, abysmal reviews, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a new line set for the new AC?

In the event you are replacing your air conditioner, it is only sometimes necessary to put in a new line set. In order to make an accurate decision regarding the new system being installed, professional installers will inspect the line and analyze the specifications and features of the new system.

Can you paint PVC line set covers?

Yes, you can get it without any problem. The most common color standard for line set covers is usually White or Ivory. But these accessories are customizable. And as they are made from high-quality PVC plastic material, you can easily paint over them to have them match the aesthetic of your home.

How long does the AC line set last?

Disregarding the contamination concerns or blunt force, you can generally expect your line set covers to last approximately 25 years. If you go above that time limit, you would only be sitting on borrowed time, as sooner or later, you will need to replace it.

How much does it cost to replace the AC line set?

In general, the cost of replacing an AC line set ranges between $200 and $650, depending on the length as well as the location of the unit. There is a line set that passes refrigerant from the outdoor condenser to the indoor evaporator coil through a wall or foundation so that the outdoor condenser can be cooled. As soon as a weld on a line set fails to stop the leak, the line set usually needs to be replaced.

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