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R1234yf Refrigerant and Tools

R1234yf Refrigerant,HVAC TOOLS,charging gauge

R1234yf, also known as HFO-1234yf, chemically known as 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, is one of the representative products of the fourth generation of hydro-fluoro olefins (HFOs) refrigerants. GWP is now mainly used in the automotive air-conditioning sector, where the market demand continues to expand.

Before this, automotive air conditioning refrigerants mainly used R134a, a third-generation hydrofluorocarbon (HFCs) refrigerant with zero ODP but high GWP and a significant greenhouse effect, which will be phased out as environmental requirements increase. Compared with R134a, R1234yf has a low GWP, similar physicochemical properties, and the same atmospheric decomposition products and can be used in the original onboard air-conditioning system. It is the most promising new refrigerant product to replace R134a and is already used in some vehicles.

The European regulations have banned the use of refrigerants with GWP>150 in new vehicles manufactured and sold in the territory since 2017, so there is no room for the development of R134a in the European automotive industry, and R1234yf as a replacement for R134a has ushered in development opportunities, and the market demand is expanding rapidly. In addition to the air-conditioning refrigerant, R1234yf can also be used as a refrigerator refrigerant, fire extinguishing agent, foaming agent, fuel, organic synthesis monomer, etc. The downstream application range is relatively wide.

R1234yf was first developed by Honeywell and DuPont in the US and was approved for use in automotive air conditioners in 2010. In 2014, Honeywell signed a purchase agreement with Asahi Glass, and in 2015, Asahi Glass began producing R1234yf, which Honeywell sells; France’s Arkema has its R1234yf R&D and production capacity.

According to the “2021-2025 R1234yf Refrigerant Industry Deep Market Research and Investment Strategy Recommendation Report” released by the NewSIQ Industry Research Centre in China, the primary R1234yf producers are San Aifu, Juhua, and Huanxin Fluorine Materials. San Aifu adopts the production technology of Comu in the US, and the R1234yf products are sold by Comu; Juhua cooperates with Honeywell in the US, and the R1234yf products are sold by Honeywell in the US and European markets; Huanxin Fluorine Material has the patented commercial production technology of R1234yf.
The main production processes of R1234yf are hexafluoropropylene addition and elimination method, pentafluoropropane defluorination and hydrogenation method, 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropylene fluorine and chlorine exchange method, high temperature cracking method of monochloromethane and tetrafluoroethylene, a synthesis method of hexafluoropropane and pentafluoropropane, etc. Among China’s R1234yf producers, San Aifu and Juhua use the hexafluoropropylene addition and elimination method, and Huanxin Fluorine Materials uses the 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropylene fluorine and chlorine exchange method.
R1234yf is flammable and has a high risk of combustion and explosion if it leaks and encounters high temperature engine parts in a car collision. The combustion product is toxic hydrogen fluoride. Therefore, car air conditioning systems with R1234yf as refrigerant must be strictly sealed.

Tools complying with R1234yf:
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R1234yf charging gauge with a 1/2 ACME can opener tap and R1234YF low-side adapter.

R1234yf Refrigerant,HVAC TOOLS,charging gauge

4 layers of charging hose for R1234yf

R1234yf Refrigerant,HVAC TOOLS,charging gauge
R1234yf Quick Coupler
R1234yf Refrigerant,HVAC TOOLS,charging gauge

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