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Smart HVAC

The Internet of Things or 'IoT' is a system of inter-connected computing devices, digital machines, objects, animals, or people, with unique identifier numbers for networked data transmission without human or human-computer interaction.

The Internet of Things has now taken advantage of innovations, improvements, and various applications such as computers or smartphones, as well as refrigerators and air conditioners.

The IoT is transforming how contractors manage HVAC systems in residential and commercial settings. Here are some aspects of the benefits and applications of HVAC systems using IoT technology:

*HVAC contractors can take a more condition-based approach to preventative maintenance with IoT Sensors
*Owners and managers can meet energy consumption and efficiency benchmarks while managing occupant comfort and IAQ
*Remote system monitoring becomes a matter of consulting a smartphone app or website portal, giving homeowners, property managers, and HVAC contractors the insights to diagnose problems from afar.

 The smart HVAC industry through IoT is growing by leaps and bounds. Voice-controlled heat pumps, motion-sensor-activated thermostats, and mobile apps to control your HVAC unit are becoming increasingly common.

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