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SuperAir at C&R 2023 Event in Madrid

cyr madrid 2023

Spain International HVACR show Climatización y Refrigeración 2023 (C y R 2023) Madrid to bring together more than 20 countries and regions around the world nearly 400 exhibitors gathered on the scene, compared with the previous session of the exhibitors increased by 98.5%, in addition to Spain’s own exhibitors also come from the neighboring Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, India, Japan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and China, among others.

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China’s well-known exhibitors are Gree, Midea, AUX, Haier, Hisense, Sanhua, and SuperAir other more than 80 companies attend the exhibition, and the world’s leading companies like Daikin, LG, COPELAND, Samsung, Panasonic, BITZER, CALEFFI, CAREL, SALVADOR, PECOMARK, KOOLAIR, COMPACT, REFRICOMP, Swegon, TROX, BRASELI also attended this exhibition, presenting a wonderful visual feast for the global audience.

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SuperAir Group, as the world’s leading supplier of HVAC materials, prepares ventilation metal mounting accessories, as well as air conditioning mounting accessories, such as metal air vents, spiral fittings, perforated bands, flexible duct connectors, pipe clamps, beam clamps, g clamps &duct corners, air conditioning brackets, rubber vibration dampers, and big foot, etc.

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Thank you to hundreds of customers visiting our booth to have an in-depth discussion with us; many of them are well-known companies in the HVAC industry. They were delighted with our ability to provide a comprehensive HVAC One-stop solution service. Also, they discussed several new product development projects, looking forward to the implementation of the project after the exhibition.

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In addition to these products on display, we also offer a wide range of refrigeration accessories and customized products. If you haven’t had a chance to communicate with us in detail during the exhibition, or if you need our products, please feel free to contact us at

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