SuperAir participated in China Refrigeration Expo 2023

china refrigeration show 2023 superair

SuperAir, a renowned HVAC accessories supplier, recently participated in Shanghai’s China Refrigeration Expo 2023. The expo is one of the most significant events in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation industry, attracting thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

china refrigeration show 2023 superair 02
China Refrigeration Show 2023

SuperAir’s presence at the expo was notable as they showcased several new products that generated much interest among attendees. One of their key highlights was their high-quality air conditioner roof supporting system, and these units are designed for residential and commercial use.

china refrigeration show 2023 superair 04
China Refrigeration Show 2023 -SuperAir booth

SuperAir’s participation in the China Refrigeration Expo 2023 was a success, and the company received positive feedback from fellow exhibitors and visitors. With its commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge quality, SuperAir continues to be a leading player in the ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry.

China Refrigeration Expo 2024 will be held in Beijing, let’s meet there again!

china refrigeration show 2023 superair 01
China Refrigeration Show 2024 in Beijing

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