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SuperAir Rooftop Support Systems and Pipe Hangers

rooftop support system big foot framework

Rooftop Support Systems and Pipe Hangers

In the ever-changing and intricate world of HVAC (Heating Ventilation, Heating, and Air Conditioning) and pipe systems, the crucial significance of stability, efficiency, and long-term durability can’t be overstated. In a world where precision is vital , commercial and residential areas’ safety, comfort, and efficiency depend on the performance and reliability of these equipment.

SuperAir is a prominent and well-known brand in the market. It symbolizes technological innovation, engineering excellence, and a relentless commitment to providing systems that can meet and always exceed the highest needs of modern infrastructure and Construction.

With a long-standing tradition characterized by a constant determination to be the best and push the limits of what is feasible, SuperAir is far more than just another company on the scene. SuperAir is a trusted companion for those who realize that HVAC and pipes are the unspoken heroes of contemporary life and business. We are motivated by the belief that these systems must be functional and can stand the test of time, bringing comfort and assurance of peace.

Within our wide range of products, two options are in particular that are at the forefront among our offerings: Rooftop Support Systems and Pipe Hangers. These simple components are invisible heroes that enable the flawless functioning of HVAC and pipe systems across various difficult situations. are the basis of effectiveness and reliability, which are the foundation of the infrastructure needed to keep factories, offices, homes, and many other places comfortable and efficient.

The Rooftop Support Systems are invisible guardianships that raise and protect critical equipment over roof surfaces, shielding it from potential environmental hazards and harm. Built with an unwavering dedication to durability and strength, these systems are the heart of rooftop HVAC systems. No matter if you ‘re dealing with scorching heat, cold, corrosive sea air, or the rigors of a workplace, SuperAir Rooftop Support Systems are designed to offer uncompromising stability, making sure the strength of your HVAC equipment stays at its place and provide performance and comfort you’ d want.

On the other hand, our pipe hangers and supports are the unspoken heroes of efficient pipe systems. They are carefully constructed and designed to preserve their integrity and the strength of your pipe infrastructure to ensure it functions efficiently. These components improve performance and prolong the life of your pipe systems by expertly dampening the sound and vibration. SuperAir knows that piping with efficiency is the foundation for any HVAC infrastructure. Our Pipe Hangers and Supports are specifically designed to do just that.

If you partner with SuperAir, it’s not just buying products. You’re creating an alliance that’s committed to the achievement of your project. Our experience, developed over the years dealing with projects of different dimensions and preferred complexity, makes SuperAir the choice for those looking for only the highest quality. We don’t simply adhere to industry standards; we set new measures to ensure that every SuperAir solution perfectly fits your specific requirements.

As you explore the complex world of HVAC and pipes, be aware that SuperAir is right here to serve as an example of creativity, engineering proficiency, and an unwavering determination to provide products that will not only satisfy but always exceed requirements. Select SuperAir to elevate your projects into a new world of reliability, efficiency, and durability.

Rubber Roof Support-Big Foot

Big Foot

SuperAir is a major name in producing, designing, and customizing innovative roofing solutions, proudly introducing its Rubber Roof Support Big Foot. Our revolutionary technology, Big Foot, is created to change how roofing is done. It provides unbeatable support and toughness for rubber roofs , which ensures durability and dependability for roofing ventures. You can rely on SuperAir for high-end custom-engineered solutions that will take your roofing efforts to new levels.

Rubber Roof Support- Big Foot Rooftop

Support System-Big Foot Framework

SuperAir is a recognized innovator in developing, manufacturing, and developing unique roofing solutions and has introduced two remarkable products: the Rubber Roof Support Big Foot and Rooftop Support System – Big Foot Framework. These innovative solutions are carefully created to provide sturdy support and structural stability for roofing needs. Improve your roofing efforts by using SuperAir’s high-quality products, making new standards in quality and durability for roofing needs.

Rubber Roof Support-Big Foot

Rubber Support Foot

SuperAir is a reputable brand in manufacturing, design, and customizing and offers two outstanding options: Rubber Roof Support – Big Foot and Rubber Support Foot. The meticulously designed products are designed to provide the roofing project with unparalleled strength and support for structural structures. With SuperAir’s focus on cutting-edge methods, we can rely on our high-quality products that improve the durability and quality of your roofing projects. Experience the difference by choosing SuperAir, where quality is matched by ingenuity in every style.

H Frames

H frames are roof support systems specifically designed to support ducts or pipes on a flat or sloped roof. It is comprised of two H-shaped stainless steel frames with a crossbeam that is adjustable which can be adjusted depending on the pipe’s dimensions and weight. In addition, it comes with rubber pads which provide security and protect roofing’s surfaces. This frame easy to put up and does not require drilling or a penetration into the membrane of your roof. It provides adequate space and ventilation for the pipe and ducts. SuperAir makes H frames by using premium materials and top of the line standards. Our frames are strong and sturdy, and also resistant to corrosion. You can purchase the H frame through our website.

C channels

C channels are roof support systems that support ducts and pipes on a flat or sloped roof. It comprises a C-shaped tube that can be cut to any length by its dimensions and weight. It also has rubber pads that provide stability and shield against damage on the roofing’s surfaces. C channel is easy to install and does not require drilling or the penetration of the roofing membrane. It also provides adequate space and ventilation for the pipe and the ducts. SuperAir creates C channels composed of high-quality materials and meets high-quality standards. C channels are durable, robust, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion. You can buy C channels from our website.


rooftop support system big foot framework
rooftop support system big foot framework
rooftop support system big foot framework
rooftop support system big foot framework
rooftop support system big foot framework
rooftop support system big foot framework
rubber support foot
rubber support foot
big foot framework
big foot framework

Rubber Lined Pipe Clamp

A pipe clamp fitted with an elastomeric lining could be defined as a pipe hanger and supports used to hold or keep the pipes or ducts of HVAC systems. It consists of a clamp of metal wrapped around a chimney tube, and a rubber lining cushions and protects the pipe or duct from vibration, noise, and abrasion. It also guards against corrosion. Pipe clamps with rubber are easy to put in place and adjust and are suitable for horizontal or vertical applications. SuperAir provides rubber-lined clamps for pipes that are suitable for a variety of kinds of pipe and duct sizes. Our products are long-lasting and flexible. They also cut down on the amount of noise. Pipe clamps are available with rubber lines on our site.

Cantilever B rackets

Cantilever brackets are one type of pipe hanger that supports ducts or pipes in HVAC systems. It is a metal bracket attached to the wall, ceiling, or floor and keeps pipes or vents on the other side. It is simple to set up and move and can be used for horizontal or vertical applications. SuperAir cantilever brackets work with different pipes or dimensions and types of ducts. Our products are strong, robust, tough, and resistant to corrosion. We sell these brackets to support the cantilever on our website.

Channel Fittings _

Channel fittings are support and pipe hangers that connect pipes or ducts in HVAC systems. They are made of metal, such as bolts, nuts, washers, clamps, washers, couplings, connectors, elbows, tees, and Flanges. They are connected to channels. made of metal, such as C channels, H frames, and C channels. to form the whole pipe or duct system. Channel fittings are easy to set up and may be adjusted to fit horizontal or vertical requirements. SuperAir offers channel fittings that can be used for various sizes of pipes and kinds of ducts. Our products are of top quality, durable and durable. It is also resistant to corrosion. We sell our fittings for your channel on our website.

Why choose SuperAir’s Pipe Hangers and supports:

  1. Flexible Solutions to Unusual Projects: SuperAir recognizes each project’s specific needs. The products we offer, Pipe Hangers and Supports, can be adapted to your particular needs, such as the size of the pipe as well as load capacity and requirements for installation. No matter if you’re dealing with conventional HVAC pipes or intricate industrial systems, we’ve got the solution you need.
  2. Vibration Control for Noise Reduction: Vibrations can cause noise problems and even affect the life span of your piping system. SuperAir Pipe Hangers and Supports are specifically designed to provide structural support and help dampen vibrations efficiently. This leads to lower noise levels and increases the long -term durability of your piping infrastructure.
  3. Corrosion Resistance to Last-Long Durability: Corrosion can be an important issue, especially in HVAC systems subject to water or in harsh environments. SuperAir uses coatings and anti-corrosion materials within our design to safeguard your investment and increase the life of your pipe infrastructure .
  4. Ease of Installation to Ensure Efficiency: We understand that time is the most important factor in the execution of projects. The products we offer, Pipe Hangers and supports, are made with ease of installation in mind, which will save you precious time and costs for labor without sacrificing performance or quality.


SuperAir emerges as a source of innovation, quality, and trustworthiness in the tangled field of HVAC and pipes. SuperAir’s Rooftop Support Systems and Pipe Hangers are not just items; they are the foundation of a superior HVAC infrastructure. With a focus on durability and customization , load-bearing capacity, anti-corrosion solutions, compliance with the law, and easy installation, SuperAir’s solutions increase performance and reliability to unimaginable levels.

When you work with SuperAir, it’s not just about receiving top-quality equipment; you’re committing to your project’s success. Our experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to providing solutions that align with your specific requirements make us the best option for designing HVAC systems and pipes that can withstand the rigors of time.

Please find out how SuperAir can help your projects through our website: . If you’re planning a commercial, residential, or industrial venture, trust SuperAir to be your partner in implementing HVAC and pipe solutions that go beyond expectations.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Do you provide installations on-site? We do not; SuperAir specializes in designing production, manufacturing products, and customizing them for HVAC and pipe systems. We do not provide on-site installation services. However, we are able to suggest trusted contractors and partners who can help with installation, if needed.

Do you have your Rooftop Support Systems accommodate various HVAC equipment sizes? Absolutely. SuperAir’s Rooftop Support Systems were created with flexibility in mind. They can be adapted to fit an array of HVAC equipment sizes and configurations, ensuring the perfect match for your specific project.

Are your pipe Hangers and supports appropriate for industrial use?

Yes, SuperAir’s Pipe Hangers and Supports are made to meet the needs of industrial use. We can provide custom solutions that can be used to support large-scale piping systems as well as complex industrial installations.

What are your products that tackle corrosion issues?

SuperAir places a high priority on anti-corrosion measures in the design of our products. We use coatings and materials that are resistant to corrosion, thus ensuring the durability and longevity of our products even in the most challenging conditions.

Are your items in compliance with the industry standards and regulations?

Sure, SuperAir is committed to conformity with industry standards and regulations. The products we offer, Rooftop Support Systems and Pipe Hangers, meet or exceed the required standards and provide you with products that comply with safety and quality requirements.

Can you provide customized solutions for unique project requirements?

SuperAir has a reputation for tailoring solutions that meet your needs. Our experts will work closely with you to design an efficient solution if you have specific requirements for bearing load, particular pipe sizes, or any other specific requirements for your project.

Do you provide vibration control options with the use of your Pipe Hangers as well as Supports?

Yes, SuperAir’s Pipe Hangers and Supports are designed to effectively dampen vibrations by reducing noise levels and guaranteeing the durability of your pipe infrastructure.

What are the industries you provide?

SuperAir offers various industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. Our flexible solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of different projects in multiple sectors.

Do you provide support and shipping to international destinations?

The SuperAir’s worldwide footprint allows us to offer international shipping and service. We’ve completed projects worldwide and can help with your project regardless of where you live.

Can I request a quote or consultation for my project?

Check out our website, , to request an estimate or consult. Our experts are available to assist you with finding the ideal solution that meets your HVAC and pipe requirements.

What’s the average lead time for custom-made orders?

Custom orders require a longer lead time. Depends on the scope and complexity of the task. Our team will be able to provide you with an estimated lead time in the consultation process to make sure your project is on time.

Do you offer warranty services for your items?

Sure, SuperAir offers warranties on our products. The warranty terms can differ based on the particular product and project specifications. Our staff will provide complete warranty details during the consultation and order process.

Are you able to assist with the design and development of your project?

Although we specialize in creating custom-designed solutions, SuperAir can also provide engineering and design assistance in our full solutions. Our team of experts can work with you to improve the HVAC or piping designs to increase efficiency and dependability.

Are your products eco-green?

SuperAir takes a stand for a commitment to sustainability. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials and coatings and offer products specifically designed to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

Do you provide support for the maintenance of your product?

SuperAir is free to focus on product design, manufacturing, and customization. We do not provide maintenance services. We can, however, provide advice on best practices for maintenance and recommend reputable service providers in the event of need.

Do you have examples of previous projects made with SuperAir items?

We can provide examples and references to prior projects that have used SuperAir’s Rooftop Support Systems and Pipe Hangers. Contact us for more information or to request relevant examples of projects.

How do I go about the procedure to request a custom solution?

For a customized proposal, visit our website or call the team directly. Our specialists will assist you throughout the procedure, beginning with a discussion to identify the specific requirements of your project and then design and production stages that are customized to meet your needs.

Do you provide the opportunity to train or provide educational materials to clients?

SuperAir provides educational resources and training materials to assist customers in understanding the proper setup and upkeep of the equipment we sell. SuperAir is committed to ensuring that our customers are equipped with the information they require to increase our solutions’ efficiency and life span.

Can you assist with specifications for the product and technical information for documentation of projects?

SuperAir will provide you with detailed specifications for products, technical drawings, and documents to help you plan your project and requirements for documentation. We aim to help you throughout the entire process of the project.

How do I reach SuperAir for support or inquiries?

Contact SuperAir through our inquiry form, via email, or by phone. Our team of experts is available to help you with your questions regarding project needs, inquiries, or assistance needs. Visit / for our contact information .



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