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SuperAir Vibration Dampers

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In the ever-changing world of machines and engineering, the quest for efficiency optimization and improvement in reliability is never-ending. In this process is an important element vibration dampers. These innovatively created devices play a crucial part in reducing the impact of vibrations, maintaining structural integrity, and ensuring the durability of mechanical equipment.

Understanding SuperAir Vibration Dampers

What are Vibration Dampers?

Vibration dampers are precisely engineered mechanical devices, often called shock absorbers or vibration isolators. They excel at dissipating and reducing the vibrations in an entire system. By converting kinetic energy generated by vibrating into heat, they reduce the effect of vibrations on the environment around them, thus improving overall stability and efficiency.

Different types of SuperAir Vibration Dampers

  1. Viscous Dampers The viscous dampers of SuperAir harness the properties of a viscous liquid to absorb and disperse energy produced by vibrations. They are a popular choice for situations where the precise management of the damping power is essential.
  2. Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) engineered to block resonance vibrations include an adjustable mass-spring-damping mechanism tuned to a particular frequency. This setup effectively eliminates resonance effects.
  3. Friction Dampers SuperAir friction dampers are based on the concept of friction to transform the energy of mechanical friction into heat. They are ideal for high-temperature environments and in applications where maintenance can be a hassle.
  4. Active Dampers In contrast to their passive counterparts, SuperAir Active Dampers come with the latest sensors and actuators. These dynamically adjust the damping force in real time, showing impressive quality. This technology is a great fit in the aerospace and precision engineering industries.

SuperAir Vibration Dampers are transforming Engineering Realities

Advancing Structural Integrity

SuperAir vibro-distortors play an essential part in protecting their structural strength machines and structures. Reducing the amount of vibration drastically lowers the chance of failure due to fatigue and increases the lifespan of crucial components.

Precision Performance

Accurately controlling the vibrations is crucial for optimum performance in various applications. SuperAir vibration dampers guarantee that machines operate within the specified parameters, resulting in greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Mitigating Environmental Impact

Vibrations can result in noise pollution. This is a serious problem in urban areas or industries with high sensitivity. SuperAir dampers drastically reduce noise pollution, thereby decreasing their environmental impact.

Enhancing Safety and Comfort

In any application that involves the human element or transportation, like bridges and vehicles, limiting vibrations is crucial to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. SuperAir vibration dampers provide a more comfortable and safer operation.

Products of SuperAir : Vibration Damper


SuperAir Rubber Mounts AG35 and AG45

SuperAir proudly showcases SuperAir is proud to present the AG35 as well as the AG45 Rubber-metal vibration absorbers carefully designed to provide the perfect flexible support system for cooling units as well as small-sized machinery.

They are designed with a high degree of precision. mounts serve as a barrier, protecting the environment from the transmission of impact, vibrations or structural sound. With easy installation and cost-effectiveness being the main attributes SuperAir Rubber Mounts AG35 and AG45 are the ideal solution for a variety of uses.

Key Features:

Optimized Vibration Absorption

These AG35 as well as the AG45 rubber mounts are designed to be able to absorb vibrations and ensuring a quiet and uninhibited surroundings.

Environmental Protection

In limiting the transmission of impacts, vibrations and structural noises these mounts play an essential part in protecting the environment around them.

Simple Installation

Simple Installation  is designed to be user-friendly Installation is simple, allowing easy and quick installation.

Cost-effective solution

SuperAir Rubber Mounts AG35 and AG45 provide a low-cost, yet top-quality solution for support that is elastic.

Instalpack Contents

Each Instalpack comes with the essential components needed to ensure a smooth installation

  • 4 Rubber Mounts (AG35 or AG45)
  • 8 M8 nuts coated with zinc
  • 8 Washers with Zinc-Coated M8

The components have been carefully chosen to guarantee the durability, reliability and long-lasting service.


SuperAir Cylindrical Mounts made of rubber Mounts CG

SuperAir is proud to present its Cylindrical rubber Mounts CG that is the top of the line in rubber-metal vibration absorption technology. Particularly designed to provide flexibility of the air conditioning unit as well as small equipment These mounts serve as a powerful barrier against transmission of impact, vibrations as well as structural sound.

Key Features:

Advance Vibration Absorption

Its Cylindrical rubber mounts of CG have been specifically designed to absorb vibrations, and set the new standard of efficiency in the field.

Environmental Protection

Through reducing the transmission of impacts, vibrations, and noise from structural structures These mounts have a crucial role to play in the protection of the surrounding environment.

Unparalleled evolution

Representing the culmination of decades of development and research and development, the CG series is an extremely developed and complete line of rubber vibration absorption on the market.

Maximum Stability and Safety

Maximum Stability and Safety  with a focus on stability and safety the mounts are designed to offer a level of security that is unmatched in the field.


Recommendations for Applications

Best suited Air conditioning systems as well as small machines.


Made from Natural Rubber (NR) with the hardness of 55deg Shore-A, providing both flexibility and long-lasting.

Multiple sizes and types

The CG series comes with a wide variety of sizes and types to meet a variety of needs and applications.

packaging options

Available in packs or in packs, each with nuts and washers, for additional convenience.

Maximum capacity for load

That ranges from 30 to 300kg These mounts are designed to take on a variety of loads easily.


SuperAir Rubber Mounts SG Advanced Machinery Support

SuperAir is pleased to introduce the Rubber Mounts SG, a revolutionary collection made of vibration-absorbing rubber designed to provide outstanding elastic support for machines. They serve as a powerful protection, shielding the surrounding from the propagation of impact, vibrations as well as structural sound.

Key Features:

High-Quality Vibration Absorption

The Rubber Mounts SG are meticulously created to be able to absorb vibrations and provide optimal support for machines.

Advanced Frequency Insulation

This SG range is distinguished due to its capacity to provide exceptional insulation for the high and middle frequencies notably when the speed is 1500 rpm or higher.

Custom-designed for support of machinery

The mounts have been specially designed to support the wide range of machinery providing reliable and effective assistance.

Product Details:


Perfect for giving elastic support to different kinds of machines.


Made from Natural Rubber (NR) with a hardness of 55.5deg Shore A. This material offers the perfect balance between the ability to stretch and last.

Packaging Options:

    • Each item is supplied separately to meet specific needs.
    • Packs of these are available:
    • The Airpack 40 and the 60 package includes four rubber mounts, eight zinc-coated nuts and four zinc-coated washers to add ease of use.
    • SG70 and SG90 available in individual packs that contain 1 piece of rubber threaded rod two washers, and 2 nuts.
    • Maximum capacity for load is designed to hold loads of 70 to 800 kilograms that ensures stability even under the most challenging conditions.
Chocisol Mit PA
Chocisol Mit PA
SG Airpack
SG Airpack


MGM rubber-metal vibration absorbers are MGM vibro absorbers made of rubber were specifically designed to be used in anti vibratory machine mountings in the event of horizontal vibrations as well as sudden changes in operating speed or stopping / beginning.

Each model is available in three different sizes of hardness, which gives the model a broad range of loads that are momentarily accommodated.

Available with a top metal disk.

  • Particularly designed to work with HVAC equipment’s
  • Made in the NR (natural rubber) 45 60, and 75deg A
  • There are many sizes to choose from
  • Packs are available
  • Maximum load : 7 to 1488 kg


SuperAir Turret Mounts with Precision Vibration Control

SuperAir proudly showcases the Turret Mounts. A line of rubber-metal vibration absorbers designed to provide unbeatable attenuation of medium-to-high frequency noise and vibrations that originate from a wide range of motor-driven machines.

Key Features:

SuperAir Vibration Atenuation

Turret Mounts: Turret Mounts are precisely created to provide the highest level of attenuation of mid- to high-frequency vibrations and noises. They set an entirely new standard in precise vibration control.

Spherical Design for Maximum Performance

Their unique spherical design provides these mounts to exhibit exceptional visco-elastic behavior, which ensures maximum efficiency in absorption of vibrations.


Specifically designed for Fans and Pumps

specifically designed to pump and fan These mounts have been designed to provide specialized support for this type of machine.


Made from Natural Rubber (NR) with the hardness of 55deg Shore A finding the ideal balance between durability and flexibility.

An Upper Fixing Screw Optional

available with or without an additional upper fixing screw that allows for flexibility in the installation and use.

Maximum capacity for load

Maximum capacity for load is designed to hold loads of 5 to 400kg that ensure stability even in the most challenging conditions.

Choccisol MIT Chocisol / MIT PA

SuperAir Antivibration Rubber Mats and Pads High-Performance Machinery Insulation

SuperAir is proud to offer the widest selection that includes anti-vibration Rubber Mats as well as Pads precisely made using Natural Rubber. They are designed to perfection and have a range of hardness between 45 and 60deg Shore A. They have impressive load-bearing capacities that range between 50 and 12,000 kg. The mats and pads offered are an best choice for insulating machines that have high frequency, specifically ones that operate at speeds of more than 1200 rpm.

Key Features:

Pure Organic Rubber Construction

Made from top-quality natural Rubber mats and pads provide the perfect balance between the ability to flex and durability, which ensures durability for a long time.

Large Range of Hardness and Capacity

It is available in a variety of ranges (45 -60 deg Shore A) and designed to handle the weight of 50 to 12,000kg These mats and pads are suited to different equipment and machinery requirements.

Product Details:


Antivibration Waffle Pads

    • Produced with NR (Natural rubber) with the hardness of 45o Shore A + -5.
    • The moulded waffle design provides an efficient deflection that does not compromise stability.
    • The design was created to allow for simple trimming to fit in most kinds of equipment.
    • Available in different pad sizes.
    • The capacity of load bearing ranges between 300 and 12,000 kilograms.


  • Produced with NR (Natural rubber) with 60o Shore A.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to meet various requirements for machinery.
  • The load-bearing capacity varies from 200-3,000 kg.


  • Produced with NR (Natural rubber) with 60o Shore A.
  • Available in various sizes to meet different needs for loads.
  • The capacity of load bearing ranges between 50 and 1,200 kg.

SuperAir: Vibration Damper Solutions

In engineering design, production and customizing, SuperAir is dedicated to offering the latest vibration damper technology designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our expertise lies in creating precisely engineered dampers seamlessly blend with various applications across different industries.

The SuperAir Edge

  • With experience in customizing At SuperAir, we know each project’s distinctiveness. Our experienced engineering team excels in adjusting solutions for vibration dampers to meet specific specifications, which ensures optimal performance and dependability.
  • Cutting-edge technology Utilizing the latest advances in materials technology and engineering, we create dampers that surpass industry standards regarding efficiency and longevity.
  • Complete Product Range from viscous dampers to specially designed active dampers. The range includes a variety of solutions that can meet the diverse needs of the industry.

SuperAir vibration dampers are unnoticed heroes in engineering, ensuring machines’ reliability and efficiency across industries. As a pioneer in the industry, SuperAir continues to revolutionize vibration damper systems, setting new standards in efficiency and reliability. Make your engineering work more effective by utilizing SuperAir in a world where excellence is unstoppable.

SuperAir Acoustic Dampers for Rubber Boosting the Performance of AC and Lasting

SuperAir, a renowned brand of HVAC solutions, offers top-of-the-line rubber vibration dampers that are specifically made to enhance the efficiency of air conditioners. These dampers function as essential cushions and pads meticulously designed to block external vibrations effectively.

Intense Vibration Absorption

Our rubber vibration dampers are superior in their capacity to absorb and disperse shocks and vibrations. They provide a powerful barrier that prevents disruptive force from spreading to the structure around them. This is a more peaceful operation and protects your integrity in the system or the environment in which it is installed. AC unit is situated.

Protecting against Wear and Tear

Constant exposure to vibrations may result in premature wear and tear on crucial components in the HVAC system. SuperAir rubber vibration dampers are the initial protection line, offering a vital shield. By reducing the force from vibrations, the dampers greatly extend the AC unit’s life, reducing the requirement to spend money on maintenance and repairs.

Incomparable Elasticity, Strength and Stability

Created with precision, SuperAir dampers made of rubber exhibit remarkable elasticity and durability. They can keep their effectiveness even in extreme conditions like high pressures and temperatures. No matter the weather, whether hot summers or cold temperatures, the dampers are steady, providing reliability and consistency.

Easy Procurement on Our Website

Purchasing SuperAir top-quality vibrating dampers made of rubber is a simple procedure. Visit our website and browse our assortment of mufflers with different AC systems. In just a few clicks, you can order and have our top-quality products delivered right to your door.

Enhance your AC unit’s performance and durability by using SuperAir vibration dampers. We are committed to high quality, durable and ingenuity. Discover the SuperAir advantages today!


What is a vibration damper?

The vibration damper, also called an acoustic absorber or a vibration isolator, is a mechanical device made to lessen the impact of vibrations in the system. It functions by converting the energy generated by vibrations into an alternative form, typically heat, which reduces the impact of vibrations on the environment.

What are the reasons why vibration dampers are so important in engineering?

Vibration dampers are essential due to many reasons:

  • They improve structural integrity by reducing the chance of failure due to fatigue.
  • They enhance performance by ensuring that the machinery is operating within certain parameters.
  • They help reduce environmental impact through the reduction of the amount of noise that is released.
  • They improve the safety and comfort of applications that involve human interaction or transport.

What are the different kinds of vibro dampers?

There are a variety of vibration dampers, such as:

  • Viscous Dampers
  • Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD)
  • Friction Dampers
  • Active Dampers

How do viscous dampers function?

Viscous dampers use the viscous liquid to absorb and disperse the energy produced by vibrations. They are often employed when exact control of damping forces is required.

What are tuned mass dampers (TMD), and how do they work?

Tuned Mass Dampers (TMDs) are employed to reduce the resonance-induced vibrations. They comprise mass-spring-damping systems tuned to a particular frequency, effectively removing resonance effects.

Are active dampers?? And where are they utilized?

Active dampers come with actuators and sensors that adjust the damping force in real time. This technology is very sophisticated and has applications in aerospace and precision engineering.

What do I do to make SuperAir help with solutions to dampen vibrations?

SuperAir specialises in developing engineering designs, production, and the customization of vibro dampers. Our experts are adept at adjusting solutions to meet specific needs while ensuring maximum performance and dependability. We offer a broad selection of dampers that cater to the diverse needs of the industry.

What makes SuperAir different from other businesses in this field?

SuperAir stands out by its:

  • Expertise in Customization
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Comprehensive Product Range

How can I keep up-to-date with the most recent innovations from SuperAir?

To stay informed about SuperAir most recent innovations and developments, You can follow the official social media channels and sign up for our newsletter on our website.

Are vibration dampers retrofittable on existing structures or machinery?

In most situations, vibration dampers may be retrofitted to existing equipment or structures to enhance their efficiency and durability. SuperAir provides customization services to make sure that the dampers can be adapted to meet specific needs.

How long will the typical life of a vibration damper be before it needs to be replaced?

The lifespan of a vibrating damper is contingent upon some variables, including what kind of damper is used, operating conditions, and maintenance methods. SuperAir dampers are reliable and engineered to last, and our experts can advise on maintenance schedules.

Can vibration dampers work only in large-scale industrial processes but be used in smaller systems?

Vibration dampers can be used in various systems, including large-scale industrial and small-scale. SuperAir is a specialist in the design of custom-made dampers to suit the needs of diverse industries.

Can SuperAir assist in installing vibration dampers on site?

Although SuperAir concentrates on the design, manufacturing and customizing of vibro dampers, they don’t offer installation on-site. However, we can provide guidance and suggestions on how to install the device.

What is the process of customizing work with vibration dampers from SuperAir?

The process of customization at SuperAir is a joint effort by our team of engineers and our customers. We begin by analyzing the requirements specific to each application for the particular damper. Our experts create and build a custom solution that meets those requirements.

Do you have any standards for industry or accreditations that SuperAir vibration dampers abide by?

SuperAir vibration dampers were made and designed following industry-specific standards and certifications. Our products undergo stringent testing to ensure they meet or exceed the industry’s requirements.

Are vibration dampers suitable for aerospace and other high-performance applications?

Yes, vibration dampers, which include active dampers, are employed in aerospace and other high-performance applications where precision controlling of the vibrations is crucial. SuperAir engineering expertise allows us to design dampers that can meet the rigorous specifications of these industries.

How can I get a quote or consult with SuperAir?

To request a quote, or consultation with SuperAir to request a quote or consultation, visit SuperAir official web site on and complete an inquiry form.

Does SuperAir provide after-sales or maintenance support for its dampers that reduce vibration?

Although SuperAir is primarily focused on production and design, we can provide recommendations and advice on how to maintain the damper to maintain the durability and effectiveness of our dampers.

Can SuperAir offer case studies or references to earlier vibration dampers projects?

SuperAir can provide references or case studies from previous projects on an inquiry. Our portfolio highlights a wide variety of applications that have been successful for SuperAir vibration damper systems.

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