Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan 402mm 16.5 inches

Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan 402mm 16.5 inches

Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan 402mm (16.5 inches)


Take a trip to cool unlike any other through the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan. With a dimension of 420mm (16.5 inches) the fan is more than just an appliance, it’s an engineering masterpiece that has been meticulously created to completely redefine the airflow experience. Superaircool effortlessly blends innovation quality, durability, and performance and sets the new standard in cooling for both commercial and residential spaces.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Cooling: Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan is powered by a powerful motor that ensures not only the breeze, but a spirited and continuous airflow. It quickly transforms your room into a comfortable and cool environment with unbeatable satisfaction.
  • Durable Construction: Designed with care and dedication to long-term durability, this model has a sturdy construction that is able to endure long-term operation. Its endurance ensures reliability even in the most demanding conditions where performance must be maintained.
  • Variable Speed Setting: Customize your surroundings to perfection by using the fan’s variable speed settings. If you’re looking for a soft ambient airflow to create an ambiance of relaxation or a fast whirlwind to fight the heat, Superaircool provides a customizable solution that will meet the needs of every customer.
  • High Efficiency in Energy: Superaircool embraces sustainability by minimising energy consumption, while providing high-performance cooling. It is built with an eco-friendly perspective and contributes to a cleaner better and efficient tomorrow.
  • Easy Installation: With a focus on your convenience this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan was made to facilitate a simple installation procedure. With user-friendly features and simple directions, this fan will provide the installation process is seamless. The quiet operation allows you to enjoy peace within your surroundings. The fan is quiet and makes the least amount of noise, creating peace and tranquility without sacrificing efficiency. This makes it perfect for offices, bedrooms as well as other areas where quiet is just as important as efficient cooling.
  • Innovative Airflow Technology Superaircool incorporates the latest airflow technologies that optimizes the design of blades and motor performance. This guarantees that the fan is able to maximize the airflow and coverage even in large and open areas, delivering an unbeatable cooling experience.
  • Customizable Oscillation: Take charge over your experience with cooling by setting adjustable oscillation angles. This feature lets you guide the airflow exactly to the areas you require it most which adds a level of flexibility to the capabilities of the fan.
Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan 402mm 16.5 inches
Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan

 Are this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan compatible with smart plugs from third party suppliers and home automation devices to allow remote control?

Yes it is, and the fan can be used with a wide range of smart plugs from third parties and home automation system, which allows the schedule and remote-control functions.

 How does the fan deal with the pet’s hair, dander and fur and is it suitable for homes with pets?

The fan is usually suitable for homes that have pets. The design helps to reduce the buildup in pet hair, dander and other irritants while regular clean-up is required for maximum performance.

 Can the fan be mounted inside a window to help in ventilation? Are the right accessories available to mount the fan on windows?

Although the fan was not specifically designed to be used for windows, they could increase ventilation when it is strategically placed. Superaircool has accessories available for window mounting. Check the official site or contact customer service for details.

 Does the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be used with solar power, or what would be the requirements for power for solar power?

The fan is able to be operated by an appropriate solar power system by using an inverter. Make sure the inverter has the capacity to support the power requirements of the fan to ensure efficient operation.

 Are the fans equipped with a sleep function, and what does it do to energy savings at the night?

The fan does not come with any specific sleep mode. Its low noise makes it ideal for use at night. Additionally, setting it to a lower speed will result in energy savings.

 Could the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be utilized in a garage, or workshop that has debris and dust?

The fan can be used in workshops or garages. Regularly cleaning of the housing and blades is suggested to ensure optimal performance in dusty environments.

Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan 402mm 16.5 inches
Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan

 What certificates do this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan possess, which ensures it is in compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety?

The fan is subjected to rigorous testing and meets applicable safety and quality standards. The product’s documentation should contain specific certifications that guarantee the reliability and security of use.

Does the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be used outside, exposed the direct sun, heavy rain and extreme weather?

The fan is intended to be used indoors. Although it is possible to use it in outdoor areas with a cover however being exposed to intense sunlight, heavy rain and extreme conditions isn’t recommended because it could impact its performance and longevity. If you intend to use it outdoors, ensure that you are adequately secured by the elements.

What is the composition of the fan blades and are they impervious to corrosion?

The blades of the fan are usually constructed of strong materials that are which are not prone to rust. Specific information regarding the material used in the blade are available in specifications of the product. Regular cleaning is a good way to maintain their durability.

Does the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be powered by a battery and are rechargeable batteries available?

It is intended to run by electricity, and doesn’t work using batteries. There are no rechargeable battery options available. It is suggested to run the fan using an efficient power source.

Does the fan have remote control? If so, what functions are there for remote control?

The fan is equipped with a remote control that allows for convenience of operation. The remote is typically equipped with options like adjusting speeds, controlling the oscillation of the fan, setting timers and switching the fan off or on. Consult the user’s manual for more detailed instructions.

Does Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan compatible with smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your voice?

At present, the fan doesn’t have built-in compatibility for smart homes platforms. Superaircool is evaluating these options for future releases. For the most up-to-date information about the integration of smart homes, visit the official website or call the customer service department.

What’s the warranty protection of Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan? Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan and how can they make a claim for warranty coverage?

The fan is typically covered by a an ordinary warranty. Information about the warranty’s coverage as well as the length and the specific terms, can be located in manual. To make a claim for warranty Contact Superaircool’s customer service with documentation of purchase along with the pertinent information.

The Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be hung on the ceiling and do ceiling mount accessories included?

The fan is intended for wall or floor mounting. The ceiling mounting option isn’t recommended and specific equipment for ceiling mounting aren’t included. Consult the user’s manual for the correct installation instructions and suggested options for mounting.

What is the performance of the fan in humid environments? do they have characteristics to avoid moisture-related issues?

The fan is able to perform great in humid environments. Although it doesn’t have particular features that can prevent problems related to moisture, regular cleaning and a proper ventilation system are crucial to prevent growth of mildew or mold when the environment is humid.

Does this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan in compliance with noise regulations? And which is its decibel level for different speeds?

This fan has been designed so that it can function within the acceptable limits of noise. The decibel level at various speeds is usually listed in the specifications for the product. The user can use this information to determine the level of noise generated by the fan depending on their preferences and needs.

The fan can be utilized in a library, or quiet work space? Also, is it equipped with the “whisper” mode to minimize noise?

The quiet operation of the fan allows it to be used in quiet areas such as workplaces or libraries. Although it doesn’t have an exclusive “whisper” option, running the fan at lower settings can dramatically reduce noise, resulting in an environment that is more peaceful.

Are this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan compatible with mobile applications to control the fan remotely, and is it equipped with Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi?

At present, the fan is not equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to allow control via mobile apps. But, Superaircool has been actively looking into new features that could be useful in future releases. Be sure to keep an eye on Superaircool’s official website for any updates.

The fan can be used in a studio or workshop that has delicate materials? Does it come with an air filtration system that can capture particles?

The fan is not an air filtering system. Although it is able to be used in art studios and workshops It is recommended to utilize additional air filtration techniques in areas with delicate materials to ensure the highest air quality.

How long is expected life span of the oscillation motor’s fan and are spare parts available to purchase?

The oscillation motor was built to provide long-lasting performance. Superaircool provides replacement parts to purchase, which allows users to fix specific parts and keep the efficiency of the fan for the duration of time.

Are Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan conforming to international safety standards? If so, is it able to be used in countries that have different safety standards?

The fan is subjected to testing to ensure that it is in compliance with the relevant International safety norms. Users are able to refer to the documentation of the product for specific certifications. It is usually adapted to various safety regulations, but must be used according to local regulations.

The Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan operate on an energy source from solar with battery backup in addition to what requirements in a solar-powered setup?

The fan is able to be operated with the solar power system, with a backup battery. Check that the solar configuration matches the fan’s power requirements and also consider other factors such as the capacity of the inverter and battery storage to ensure a constant operation.

What is the way that fans deal with voltage fluctuations? Does it need a voltage stabilizer for stable performance?

The fan is built to withstand normal voltage fluctuations. Although it doesn’t necessarily require the use of a voltage stabilizer, having one in areas with frequent power fluctuations could enhance the performance of the fan as well as prolong its lifespan.

Does the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be integrated into your home automation system by using an external interface or custom programming?

The fan doesn’t have built-in functions to allow customization or integration with the home automation system. Superaircool is always looking for new technologies, and fans are advised to keep an eye out for any updates regarding possible integrations.

What are the steps to take in the event of a fan experiencing abnormal noise or a malfunction or unusual noise? Is there any troubleshooting instructions?

If your fan is experiencing an issue or makes a strange sound then refer to the troubleshooting manual in the manual for users. It offers step-by-step directions to pinpoint and fix the most common problems. If the problem persists, call Superaircool’s customer service to get assistance.

The Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be used in settings that contain airborne contaminants? And what precautions are suggested for these settings?

Although the fan may be used in areas where airborne pollutants are present It is important to maintain regular cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust on the housing and blades. Take additional measures to purify the air to ensure maximum performance in areas where there are high levels of levels of contaminants.

Do you have any specific suggestions to maintain the fan during times that are not in use, like storage guidelines or covers for protection?

When not in use The fan should be stored in a dry and cool location. Although protective covers aren’t usually provided, keeping it in the original box or protecting it with an air-tight cloth will aid in preventing dust accumulation and help maintain its condition.

Does this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be employed together with sensors for air quality to allow auto-adjusting in response to air pollution levels?

Although the fan doesn’t come with built-in sensor for quality of air, the user can modify the fan’s settings by hand in accordance with the perceived quality of air. Superaircool suggests that the fan be used in ventilated spaces, and also exploring external air quality solutions for greater automation.

What is the performance of the fan in the presence of high airborne particulate matter? And is it equipped with characteristics to minimize the accumulation of particles on surfaces?

The fan is able to perform best in environments that contain airborne particles. Although it isn’t equipped with specific characteristics to minimize the accumulation of particles on surfaces periodic cleaning of blades as well as the surrounding areas can help ensure optimal performance.

Does this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan ideal for recording studios or other audio production settings where a minimum of background noise is essential?

The fan’s quiet operation makes it ideal for recording studios as well as environments for audio production. Utilizing the fan in lower speeds can reduce background noise, creating the most peaceful and comfortable working space.

The Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be configured with individual-defined speed settings? Also, do they have the ability to store any custom configurations?

The fan comes with predefined speed settings. Although it is not able to allow for user-defined speed settings however, users are able to manually alter the speed according to their preference. The fan doesn’t have an option to store data which is why settings reset to their default settings upon restarting the power.

What is the way that Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan manage power surges? And does it come with surge protection mechanisms that protect internal components?

The fan is built to handle power fluctuations of standard. Although it doesn’t have built-in surge protection, having surge protectors in conjunction together with the fan can be suggested to protect the internal parts and guarantee stable performance.

Could this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be used in areas of high security or other facilities in which electromagnetic interference (EMI) is to be reduced?

The fan isn’t specifically made to tackle EMI issues. In high-security zones, users should consider assessing and limit the potential for EMI interference in accordance with the specific requirements of their area. Superaircool suggests consulting security experts for these areas.

How do I determine the best schedule of maintenance for the fan, which includes cleaning the blades as well as motor lubrication and general upkeep?

Check the user’s manual for a detailed maintenance schedule. The general rule is to clean the blades once every couple of weeks as well as checking for debris and carrying out routine checks of the motor are suggested. If you require lubrication, it must follow the recommendations by the user manual.

Does the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be operated from horizontal positions, and are there any special requirements for a non-vertical position?

The fan is specifically designed to operate vertically. Although it is able to operate in a horizontal configuration however, the best performance is obtained when it is operated vertically. The user is advised to adhere to the guidelines for use that are recommended in the manual for users.

Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan 402mm 16.5 inches
Superaircool AC Axial Airflow fan

Do it? Does the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan emit any light while in operation and is it suitable to use in a dark or sleep-like environment?

The fan doesn’t emit any light when it is in operation, which makes it ideal for use in dark sleeping environments. The quiet operation and absence of other lighting options make for a comfortable sleep environment.

The Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be utilized together in conjunction with air conditioners to increase overall efficiency of cooling in larger areas?

The fan is a great complement to air conditioning systems, allowing for more efficient circulation of air. It distributes cooled air more evenly, which contributes to a better overall cooling efficiency in large spaces. The user can alter the speed of the speed of the fan according to their personal preferences and the arrangement of the room.

Does this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be used in conjunction with cooling systems reversed during the colder winter months to increase the distribution of heat?

The fan is intended to cool, however it is also utilized in reverse to increase the distribution of heat by heating devices. This can help create greater uniformity of warmth across rooms during the colder months.

Can replacement filters be found for Superaircool’s AC Axial Airflow Fan, and how often should they be replaced to ensure maximum performance?

The fan is not designed to make use of filters that can be replaced. A regular cleansing of the fan’s blades as well as the housing is recommended to ensure the best performance. Check the user’s handbook for more specific guidelines on cleaning and frequency suggestions.

Are Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan compatible with air ducts that are external for specifically targeted airflow in particular rooms or directions?

The fan isn’t designed for connection to air ducts. It functions as a stand-alone device with adjustable oscillation angles to direct airflow in the space. Users should not alter the fan to accommodate external connection to ducts.

Could this Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be utilized on marine environments? And does it have features that stop corrosion due to saltwater exposure?

The fan is not made for marine use. Saltwater exposure can cause corrosion, which could affect the performance of the fan and its durability. For those who work in marine environments, it is recommended to consider marine-grade fan models specifically designed specifically for these conditions.

Do you have an option for displaying temperature for the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan which provides real-time room temperature data?

The fan usually doesn’t come with an option to display temperature. The user should use separate temperature measurement devices to get actual time information on temperature in the room.

Is it possible for you let the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be taken apart for a thorough cleaning? And are there any specific directions to dismantle and reassemble it?

Although the fan isn’t designed for extensive disassembly some components could be removed to clean. Check the user’s manual for guidance on cleaning, disassembly and reassembly, to make sure proper maintenance is not damaging the unit.

How does the fan react to commands from the remote control, as well as what’s the operational distance for the remote?

The remote control usually operates through infrared signals. Users must focus the remote’s beam directly towards the control panel of the fan for an efficient transmission of commands. The operating range is generally defined in the user’s manual.

The Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be employed together with instruments for measuring air quality to provide an approach that is more data-driven towards indoor comfort?

Although the fan doesn’t include built-in compatibility with the measurement of air quality Users can add the use of external monitors for air quality in order to have an even more complete method of the indoor air quality and comfort.

What is the response time to changing speeds and does it come with a feature for gradual adjustment of speed to ensure more smooth changes?

The fan usually responds quickly to any speed adjustments. Although it might not feature a specific adjustable speed feature customers can switch between settings to ensure more smooth airflow.

Does the Superaircool AC Axial Airflow Fan be employed in kitchens or other cooking areas? Are there any safeguards for the exposure to cooking fumes as well as grease?

The fan can be used in kitchens. However, the exposure of cooking fumes as well as grease can influence its efficiency and cleanliness. It is important to clean regularly in these environments to ensure the highest level of performance.

To get the most up-to-date and current information, customers must refer to the manual or call Superaircool’s support department.

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