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Superaircool Definite Purpose Contactors for Air Conditioners

Superaircool Definite Purpose Contactors for Air Conditioners

Definite Purpose Contactors for Air Conditioners

The contactor is the part of the air conditioner that controls the flow of electricity into the unit. When you turn off your AC, the contactor goes up, blocking power. By the same token, every time you turn on the air conditioner, the contactor is lowered, allowing electricity to power the system.

Superaircool, Your reliable supplier within your HVAC industry. Superaircool takes great pride in providing top-quality products designed to meet our clients’ various demands. We’re pleased to announce our newest innovation in air conditioning our Definite All-purpose Contactors. In this article, we’ll explore the  details of these contactors and shed light on their capabilities, advantages, applications, and benefits.

air conditioner three pole contactors
Air conditioner three pole contactors

What are Definite Purpose Contactors?

Definite Purpose Contactors are vital elements in air conditioning systems. They control the flow of electrical power to different HVAC equipment. They function as switches, allowing the effective operation of fans, compressors, and other essential components.

Two Poles vs Three Poles

Superaircool provides Definite All-Purpose Contactors that come in three-pole and two-pole configurations. The difference is in the amount of electrical circuits that the contactor can regulate:

Two-Pole Contactors: Suitable for applications requiring control of two circuits, such as one-phase cooling units. These contractors guarantee the operation’s reliability and precise control over crucial components.

Air Conditioner Contactor, 2 Pole Replacement
This contactor is a replacement for many brands of outdoor air conditioning condenser units. The universal mounting base allows replacement of most contactor brands.
Operation of 2 pole contactor
The contactor connects the outdoor unit to 110/220 volt power causing both the compressor and the outdoor fan motor to run.  The 2 pole contactor disconnects both legs of the 110/220 volts (cuts all power).  A 1 pole contactor in contrast leaves one leg of the 110/220 volts connected even when the outdoor unit is not running. The contactor is controlled by the indoor thermostat which uses 24 volt power to energize the contactor and connect 220 volts to run the compressor and fan motor.

Three-Pole Contactors: Created to be used in systems that require the administration of three electrical circuits, commonly located within three-phase units for air conditioning. With improved performance, these contractors offer high-quality performance and maximum efficiency.

It is an HVAC contactor that has 24V, 110V/120V, 208V/240V, 277V coil voltage. Wide current range 20 amp ~ 90 amp DP contactor for selection. Air conditioner contactor provides compact load control, designed for motors and compressors in resistance heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, and food service equipment.


  • DP contactor has a wide current range (from 20 A to 90 A)
  • Standard AC operating coil ranges for control circuit applications: 24V, 120V, 208-240V, and 277V.
  • 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole definite purpose contactors are available.
  • Various contact configurations from 1 pole to 4 pole.
  • UL certification, CSA certification.
air conditioner two pole contactors
Air conditioner two pole contactors

What are the Definite Purpose Contactors? how are they used within air conditioners?

Definite-purpose contactors are electromechanical systems made specifically for HVAC purposes. They are essential in directing power flow to different components within the air conditioning system, including condenser fan compressors, condenser fan fans, and heaters. When the contactor is activated, it lets electrical current flow, allowing those parts to function.

Do you have a way to explain the differences between three-pole and two-pole contactors in more specific terms?

Two-pole contactors are made to manage two electrical circuits. They are typically employed for single-phase systems of air conditioning. However, they can manage three circuits, typically found on three-phase systems. The distinction is significant because it determines compatibility with various types of electric systems.

How do I know the right type of contractor for my particular air conditioning unit?

To identify the correct contactor type, it is necessary to determine your AC unit’s configuration and electrical characteristics. Two-pole contactors are ideal for single-phase systems such as those used in residential homes. A contactor with three poles is needed for three-phase systems commonly used in industrial and commercial locations.

What features are unique to Superaircool Definite All-Purpose Contactors stand apart?

Superaircool contractors have many key features to guarantee maximum performance and dependability. They include top-quality construction of robust materials, precision engineering for dependable operation, easy installation using an easy-to-use design, and advanced security features like protection against overload and an arc extinguisher.

Are Superaircool’s contactors compatible with all kinds of AC units?

Yes, Superaircool’s Ultimate Purpose Contactors are specifically designed to be compatible with a large variety of air conditioners, including commercial, residential, and industrial units. Our contractors provide reliable controls and switching capabilities if you’re running single-phase or three-phase systems.

Are Superaircool contactors able to be installed by myself, or do I need assistance from a professional?

Professional installation is advised to ensure proper installation and safety. Superaircool’s Contactors are designed to be easy to install. Each item comes with thorough instructions to help you navigate the procedure. If you’re unfamiliar with electrical circuits, it’s recommended that you consult an experienced technician.

What kind of security features do Superaircool contractors offer?

Superaircool’s contractors have advanced safety features that protect personnel and equipment. This could comprise overload protection that will protect against injury from high currents and arc suppression that reduces wear and sparks and insulation to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

Can Superaircool contractors withstand extreme outdoor conditions, like extreme temperatures and rain?

Yes, Superaircool’s contactors have been made to stand up against common outdoor environments when installing air conditioners. They are constructed with weatherproof material and seals to guard against dust, moisture, and temperature variations, which ensures reliability even in the most challenging conditions.

What is the anticipated lifetime of Superaircool Definite Special Purpose Contactors?

With their top-quality construction and robust components, Superaircool’s Contactors are built to last and provide reliable performance. While the actual lifespan can vary according to the operating and usage environment, our contractors may provide years of trouble-free operation when they are maintained with regular maintenance.

Are there parts available for purchase from Superaircool contractors?

Superaircool offers replacement parts for our contractors, allowing maintenance and repairs as required. Whether you need new coils, contact assemblies, or any other component that our distributors authorize, we can supply you with authentic components to ensure your system is running smoothly.

three pole contactors
three pole contactors

Do Superaircool contractors carry warranties?

Yes, Superaircool’s Definite-Purpose Contactors come with an assurance of happiness and security. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and the materials and artistry, thereby giving you a greater assurance of the quality of our products.

Are there any particular specifications for the maintenance of Superaircool contractors?

The contractors of Superaircool are made to be durable and reliable; regular maintenance can extend their life and guarantee maximum performance. This could include a periodic check for wear or damage, cleaning contact surfaces, and fluidizing moving parts according to the procedures suggested in the product manual.

Are there any contractors from Superaircool that I can use for older air conditioning systems?

Superaircool’s Ultimate Purpose Contactors work with old and modern AC systems. No matter if you have an older system or an up-to-date one, the contractors we offer have robust switching and control capabilities to meet your requirements.

Are Superaircool’s contactors equipped with integrated surge protection?

While not all models offer surge protection, some Superaircool contactors can come with built-in surge protection to provide security and equipment protection. Check the details of the particular model you’re considering to determine whether surge protection is provided.

Can Superaircool’s contractors be employed in conjunction with Soft Start?

Yes, Superaircool’s Contactors can be used with soft starters to ensure smooth stopping and starting of HVAC motors. This combination will help decrease inrush currents and extend the life span of electrical components while also ensuring that they operate efficiently.

Are Superaircool’s contactors suited to be used in high-voltage electrical applications?

Superaircool’s contacts are built to operate at specific voltage ratings; however, it is essential to ensure that the contactor is compatible with the voltage requirements of your system. Make sure you choose the right contractor model to handle your system’s voltage to ensure safety and secure operation.

Can I remotely manage Superaircool’s contractors?

Although Superaircool’s contacts are primarily manual switches, some models are compatible with remote-controlled systems to provide additional convenience. Remote control capabilities can vary according to the particular model and the specific requirements for the application.

Are Superaircool contractors able to handle multi-voltage operations?

Certain models of Superaircool Contactors may be able to operate with multiple voltages, allowing these devices to be used for applications with different voltage specifications. Check for specifications on the model you’re considering to see if it is compatible with multi-voltage operation.

Can Superaircool’s contactors be utilized in HVAC systems with variable component speeds?

Yes, Superaircool’s contactors can be suitable for HVAC systems with variable speed components. They provide solid switching for a smooth operation. Whether your system has variable-speed compressors, fans, or pumps, the contactors can assist in controlling these components efficiently.

Are the contractors of Superaircool suitable to be used in areas with high risk?

While Superaircool’s contractors don’t specifically rate for dangerous environments, they’re designed to align with the industry’s standards in terms of performance and safety. It is important to talk with a trained professional to assess whether they are suitable for use in potentially hazardous areas and to ensure they comply with applicable laws.

Can Superaircool’s contacts be used to power mobile heating units?

Yes, Superaircool’s contractors can be flexible and suitable for various HVAC applications, including mobile units. Our contractors provide robust switching and control capabilities to meet your demands if you’re operating a mobile air conditioning system in a trailer, vehicle, or temporary structure.

Do I have to use the Superaircool Contactors in conjunction with any other component of the HVAC?

Yes, Superaircool’s contractors can be seamlessly integrated with the additional HVAC components, like sensors, thermostats, and control panels, to ensure that the system is operating efficiently. If you’re planning a completely new HVAC or upgrading one, you have Contactors from Superaircool who can aid you in achieving your ideal performance and efficiency.

Can Superaircool’s contacts be used for commercial refrigeration systems?

Yes, Superaircool’s Contactors are suitable for use in many refrigeration applications, including commercial units. If you’re running an eatery, supermarket, or food processing plant, Our contractors provide high-quality switching and control features to ensure your refrigeration system stays operating without a hitch.

Are there any Superaircool contacts in combination with smart HVAC units?

Yes, Superaircool’s contractors can incorporate intelligent HVAC systems to control and remotely monitor, improving efficiency and convenience. If you’re working with a building control system or even a stand-alone smart thermostat, our contractors will help you achieve the best energy efficiency and level of comfort.

Do Superaircool’s contactors come with a discreet design?

Yes, Superaircool’s contacts are designed to be small and efficient in space, making them ideal for installation with limited space. If you’re installing our contactors in a room with a lot of equipment or in a cramped enclosure, their low-profile design will help make the most of space and simplify installation.

Are Superaircool’s contacts usable in my home heating pump units?

Yes, Superaircool’s contacts are compatible with all residential heat pump systems. They provide stable switching in cooling and heating modes. If you own a single-stage or multi-stage heat pump, our contractors can assist you in getting the most efficient operation and maximum satisfaction throughout the year.

Can Superaircool’s contractors work together with the economizers?

Yes, Superaircool’s Contactors can be utilized with economizers to help increase energy efficiency within HVAC equipment. By controlling dampers’ operation and ventilators, Our contractors can help improve airflow and decrease energy consumption, leading to reduced operating costs and improved indoor air quality.

Can Superaircool’s contactors be utilized for rooftop HVAC units?

Yes, Superaircool’s contacts are suitable for rooftop HVAC units. They offer solid switching for parts such as fans, compressors, and economizers. If you plan to install a brand rooftop unit from scratch or upgrade one, you already have one. Our contractors provide the durability and performance to ensure reliable operation and secure temperature control.


As a leader in the field of HVAC services, Superaircool remains committed to offering innovative products that can satisfy our clients’ changing requirements. With our Definite Purpose contactors, You can count on the highest quality, performance, and dependability for your cooling systems. Discover the difference by using Superaircool, the partner you can count on to achieve excellence in the HVAC technology market.



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