Superaircool Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay

 Superaircool Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay

 Superaircool Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay

Superaircool, your reliable company within the HVAC industry. At Superaircool, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance the efficiency of refrigeration units. Today, we’re thrilled to present our latest offering called our Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay. In this post, we’ll discuss the capabilities, benefits, and applications of this sophisticated relay created to improve effectiveness and reliability in refrigeration systems.

PTC relay, also known as contactless starter, is actually a PTC thermistor starter. When starting the compressor, you’ll find the PTC component temperature is low, the resistance is small, and it can be approximated as a straight-through circuit.

If the starting current increases to 4-6 times the normal, it will cause the temperature of the element to rise rapidly. Plus the resistance would increase to several orders of magnitude, and the passing current could become small, which may be regarded as an open circuit.

It suitable for compressors used in refrigerators, freezers, water coolers, de-humidifiers, vending machines and similar refrigeration applications. It plugs directly onto the compressor terminal pins, and is frequently used with the 4TM plug-on motor protector.

Specs: PTC Relay 1/2 – 1/12 HP 110/220V

This solid state starter relay suits some Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Maytag & Amana fridges. May suit other brands. Fits Embraco EM40H, FG85HAK, Tecumseh THK1340YCF.

solid state relay
solid state relay

What is a PTC Start Relay?

The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Start Relay is essential to refrigeration systems. It provides the initial surge of power required to begin the compressor. In contrast to traditional electromechanical relays, PTC start relays use solid-state technology and offer advantages like speedier response times, increased durability, and higher efficiency.

Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay

At Superaircool, we’ve designed a universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay that integrates modern technology and robust design to offer top efficiency in the refrigeration system.

Here are a few of the main features that our relay has:

  • Universal Compatibility The PTC Start Relay was made to work with various fridge models, resulting in an ideal solution for various applications.
  • Solid State Design: Utilizing solid-state technology, our relay can provide quicker switching speeds, higher durability, and lower wear than traditional electromechanical relays.
  • High-Quality Construction: Made from high-end materials, our relays are built to withstand the stress of everyday operation within refrigeration units, guaranteeing performance and longevity.
  • Increased Efficiency: By providing exact monitoring of the compressor’s initialization operation, our relay can increase energy efficiency and decrease energy consumption, leading to cost savings over time.
  • Simple Installation: Designed to facilitate easy setup, the relay comes with an intuitive design that is easy to use and clearly labeled terminals, as well as instructions that make it easy for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
ic series solid state relay
ic series solid state relay

What exactly is what is a PTC Start Relay? What is its role within refrigeration equipment?

The PTC Start Relay, also called a Positive temperature coefficient Start Relay, is an essential component of refrigeration systems that initiates the compressor’s initial startup. It functions by utilizing the thermistor with a positive temperature coefficient that exhibits a swift increase in resistance when the temperature increases.

When the compressor is required to be started, its PTC thermistor gets heated because of the current flowing through it, which causes its resistance to rise dramatically. This increases the resistance and restricts the current flow to the compressor, thereby providing the initial boost required for the startup. When the compressor is operating, it will be able to cool down. PTC thermostat cools and allows normal operation to continue.

What is the difference between the Solid State Relay and traditional electromechanical relays?

Solid State Relays (SSRs) differ from conventional electromechanical relays regarding their design and operation. Although electromechanical relays use moving mechanical components such as contacts and switches to control electrical currents, SSRs employ semiconductor devices, like transistors or thyristors, to control switching. The solid-state design has several advantages, including higher switching speeds, greater performance, a longer life span, less electromagnetic interference, and more peaceful operation.

What is the Superaircool universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay to ensure compatibility with different refrigerator models?

Superaircool’s Global Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay was designed flexibly and can be used with various refrigerators. This is accomplished through an attentive consideration of compatibility aspects, including power ratings for voltages, capacities of current, and final layouts. Furthermore, our relay comes with adjustable mounting features and adaptable wiring options that allow seamless integration into various refrigeration systems without significant modifications.

Do you better explain the benefits of using the solid-state technology of Superaircool’s PTC Start Relay?

Superaircool’s PTC Start Relay harnesses the advantages of solid-state technology to improve performance and ensure the reliability of refrigeration systems. In contrast to electromechanical relays that depend on moving components, which are prone to mechanical and wear, The solid-state relay we offer comes with semiconductor components that provide intrinsic advantages like speedier response times, less power consumption, greater durability, better temperature stability, and increased resistance to vibration and shock. This makes our relay suitable for applications where reliability and precision are crucial.

refrigerator compressor relay
refrigerator compressor relay

What is the best way to guarantee Superaircool’s longevity and durability of the Universal Refrigerator’s Solid State Relay?

At Superaircool, We place great importance on the quality and reliability of our products. Our Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay is no different. We test our relays under rigorous tests and quality control processes to ensure that they meet our strict specifications for performance and are in line with industry standards. Furthermore, our relay is built with high-quality components, such as solid semiconductor components, sturdy housing materials, and terminals resistant to corrosion. It can withstand the extreme operating conditions encountered in refrigeration systems. We also offer complete warranty coverage that guarantees our customers the durability and reliability that our relays provide.

What does Superaircool’s PTC Start Relay contribute to the efficiency of refrigeration systems in terms of energy use?

Superaircool’s PTC Start Relay plays an essential role in increasing refrigeration unit efficiency by enhancing the compressor’s startup operation. Our relay helps reduce energy waste through precise control of the current flow at startup. It decreases the power consumed, leading to significant savings in energy over time. Furthermore, our relay’s solid-state design has inherent efficiency advantages, including less power loss, lower energy consumption, and better thermal management. This further contributes to the overall efficiency of refrigeration systems.

Do non-professionals install Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay?

Professional installation is highly recommended to ensure proper installation and safety standards. Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay has been designed to facilitate installation and easy operation for users. Our relay has simple mounting layouts, clearly labeled terminals, and comprehensive installation instructions that simplify installations. We advise those without electrical experience to consult trained professionals or technicians to ensure correct installation and compliance with local electrical codes and regulations.

How will Superaircool tackle the specific security concerns related to the Universal Refrigerator’s PTC Start Solid State Relay?

Superaircool is dedicated to ensuring safety throughout every aspect of our product’s design and manufacturing processes, which includes the Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay. To account for safety concerns, the relay is equipped with various protection features and safeguards that reduce the risk of accidents and guarantee the safe operation of refrigeration systems.

ptc relay
ptc relay

These safety features could comprise overcurrent protection temperature safeguards, protection from short-circuit insulation resistance, and compliance with applicable safety and certificate requirements. We also provide complete user guides and documents that provide the correct installation operating, maintenance, and operation procedures to ensure the safe use of our relays.

Does the Superaircool Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay work in combination with other refrigeration system components?

Yes, Superaircool’s universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay was designed to seamlessly connect to other refrigeration system components like compressors, condensers, condensers, evaporators, temperature control systems, and defrost systems. The relay can be used in a variety of ways, and interoperability with an extensive selection of equipment for refrigeration and other accessories allows for a range of flexible installation configurations and custom-made installations that meet specific specifications. When used as a standalone device or in integrated configurations, the relay offers high-quality efficiency and precise controls of the process of starting up, which contributes to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of refrigeration equipment.

What is Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay that addresses the necessity for reliability and uniformity for refrigeration units?

Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator, PTC Start Solid State Relay, is designed to provide outstanding reliability and consistency for refrigeration equipment, guaranteeing continuous operation and maximum efficiency. The relay is subjected to rigorous quality assurance tests and validation processes to ensure its reliability and performance in various operating conditions.

In addition, it has solid construction, top-quality parts, and cutting-edge solid-state technology, which all contribute to its dependability, durability, and stability over time. It can be used for commercial, residential, or industrial settings. The relay provides reliable operation and precise control of the compressor’s startup process, which helps to ensure constant temperature control and maintain the freshness of the product in refrigerated areas.

What are some typical refrigeration system applications for which Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator’s PTC Start Solid State Relay could be employed?

Superaircool’s universal refrigerator, PTC Begin Solid State Relay, can be used for refrigeration systems across various sectors and industries. The most common uses are:

    • Refrigerators and freezers that are designed for the residential market.
    • Refrigeration units for commercial use, including the walk-in cooler, reach-in coolers and display cases
    • Drinking dispensers and vending machines
    • Equipment for food services, such as refrigerators, ice makers, tables, and salad bars
    • Pharmaceutical refrigeration and medical systems like storage units, as well as blood banks
    • Refrigerators and freezers for laboratories and scientific research, as well as freezers
    • Cooling systems for horticulture and agriculture, like storage facilities for fruits and vegetables
    • Refrigeration units for transportation, which include refrigerated trailers, trucks, and containers
    • Refrigeration systems for industrial use, including cold storage blast freezers, warehouses as well as refrigerated equipment for processing
  • Its universally compatible, flexible design and strong capability to perform this relay make it suitable for various refrigeration applications. It offers efficient and reliable startup control and performance in various conditions and operating conditions.

What is the best way to guarantee Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay compatibility with various refrigerator models and brands?

Superaircool’s universal refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay has been made to be compatible. It is an incredibly flexible solution with the widest range of refrigerator designs and brands. To ensure that our relay is compatible, it includes adjustable mounting configurations, customizable wiring options, and standard terminal configurations that enable seamless integration with various refrigeration systems.

In addition, our relay is designed to meet industry standard specifications and requirements, allowing it to connect with the most common controllers, control units, control devices, and compressor units found within refrigeration units. Additionally, our technical support staff is available to offer assistance and advice to customers on issues with compatibility, installation procedures, and requirements for integration into systems to ensure a seamless and trouble-free installation of our relay into its refrigeration application.

What characteristics and features distinguish Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay from other similar products?

Superaircool’s universal refrigerator PTC Starting Solid State Relay offers several distinctive characteristics and capabilities that differentiate it from similar products for sale. Its key differences include:

    • Universal compatibility: The relay was made to work with various refrigerator designs and brands that offer flexibility and versatility for various refrigeration applications.
    • Solid-State Technology: By utilizing the latest technologies, the relay offers quick and reliable switching, enhanced durability, and higher efficiency than conventional electromechanical relays.
    • High-Quality Construction: Made of top-quality components and materials, Our relay is designed to withstand the stress of everyday operation within refrigeration units, providing durability and reliability for a long time.
    • Energy Efficiency: By offering exact control over the compressor’s startup method, our relay can help maximize energy efficiency and cut energy consumption, which results in lower costs and benefits for the environment.
    • Installation Ease: With an intuitive design that allows for adjustable mounting configurations and clearly labeled terminals, Our relay is simple to set up and install, making it easier to install and reducing time and work for technicians and installers.
    • Complete Support is Guaranteed by Superaircool’s dedication to the satisfaction of customers; our relay includes full technical Support, documentation, and warranty protection to ensure pleasant satisfaction for customers and peace of mind.
  • These capabilities and features make Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay the preferred option for those seeking an efficient, flexible solution for their refrigeration system’s startup control requirements.

Can Superaircool’s Universal Refrigerator’s PTC Start Solid State Relay work with other control equipment and accessories?

Yes, Superaircool’s universal Refrigerator PTC Start Solid State Relay is designed to work with various controls and accessories typically used for refrigeration equipment. The relay can be connected seamlessly with temperature control devices, pressure switches, alarm systems, defrost timers, and various other devices for control to provide extensive monitoring and control features for equipment used in refrigeration. Our relay has wire configurations that are standard and terminal options that allow for easy integration with control devices from outside and allow for flexibility in installation configurations and custom installation that is tailored to particular application specifications. In standalone or integrated configurations, our relay is dependable operation and precise oversight of the process of starting up compressors, contributing to refrigeration equipment’s efficiency and effectiveness.


At Superaircool, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that address the ever-changing requirements of those in the HVAC industry. When you choose our Universal Refrigerator Start Solid State Relay, You can be confident in your refrigerant systems’ highest quality, performance, and reliability. Discover the difference by using Superaircool as your trusted partner for the highest quality when it comes to HVAC technology.


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