VAV System in HVAC

The variable air volume (VAV) system developed on the basis of the conventional constant air volume (CAV) system can automatically adjust the air-conditioning air volume according to changes in air-conditioning load and indoor parameters.

The VAV system includes the VAV terminal device, the supply and return air ducts, the variable air volume box and the system controller.

There are many advantages of VAV systems:

The VAV system can automatically adjust the output power of the blower according to the actual air supply volume, minimize the energy consumption of the fan. According to the simulation calculation, when the annual average air-conditioning load rate is 60%, the VAV system controlled by the variable pressure method can save 78% of the fan energy. At the same time, the VAV system can realize flexible and precise temperature control of each of the rooms. In addition, the VAV air conditioning system is easy to retrofit. When the separation changes, only slight changes are needed to meet the requirements. With VAV system, condensed water does not enter the office business space. And it also has the advantage of low noise.

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