Ventilation Accessories: What You Need To Know

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Hearing the term “ventilation accessories” may remind you of high-tech machines or even hospital ventilators. Funnily enough, it’s neither of those things in the HVAC industry. To put it simply, as the name implies, these are just accessories for, well, ventilation. In other words, no explanation is needed, as the name explains it all.

What Is Ventilation?

Ventilation refers to the process of introduction as well as circulation of outdoor, fresh air into the interior of a room or building. The purpose of a ventilation system is to control the temperature and humidity of the interior space. It is also used to control and maintain indoor air quality to a level where it is livable by displacing and diluting pollutants found indoors.

Natural Ventilation; The Better Choice:

Modern technology has brought a lot of things that have improved our way of living. With the help of HVAC, it is now possible to live in even extreme temperatures with wonders like air conditioners and heaters. But there is still no match for natural ventilation. After all, why would people not prefer something close to nature that does not cost much in terms of energy?

And although there is no such firm list of natural ventilation accessories, there are still some items that can be characterized as such;

  • Windows
  • Operable windows
  • Doors
  • Embrasure (a South Asian feature)
  • Clerestory windows
  • Vented skylights
  • Wind capture facades

List of Ventilation Accessories:

Although there is a long list, here is a mention of some items falling under that category.

  • Air ducts (passages or conduits for an HVAC system to circulate the air)
  • Air dampers
  • Air inlets
  • Attic vents
  • Silencers
  • Air purifiers
  • Filters
  • Discharge caps for walls and roof
  • Duct coolers and heaters
  • Mounting equipment (to fix the vents and ducts in the place)
  • Access doors (to access a confined space or a specific piece of equipment)
  • Dryer vent boxes and couplings
  • Exhaust stack
  • Grilles
  • Ventilation guards (protection grid for fans)
  • Smoke extract fans
  • Ventilation shutters
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Exhaust Fan Controls
  • Roof hoods/ Curbs

Do You Need All Of These Ventilation Accessories?

No, absolutely not. For a residential ventilation project, the basic ventilation accessories you would require would probably be ducts, vents, related accessories, mounting equipment, filters, air purifiers (not necessary unless a sick family member), and air inlets. Adding even a vented skylight can be considered an extravagance unless you are strictly managing small space.

Only when the scale of the ventilation project becomes bigger does the need for additional ventilation accessories occur. Otherwise, you are good to go.

How To Find The Best Ventilation Accessories Provider Near Me?

Most of the accessories can be found in simple HVAC accessories stores (How To Start An HVAC Shop?). But if that is not enough, or they are not selling the specific accessory, you can search for an online store. In that case, make sure that there are positive reviews for those products that you intend to buy.

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