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2. segmented bend
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SuperAir’s products are mainly ventilation ducts and fittings, including spiral ducts, rectangular ducts, oval ducts, and ventilation accessories (silencer, damper, grille, and diffuser, etc.)

1. spiral duct

Spiral Duct

2. pressed bend 90°

Pressed Bend 90°

2. segmented bend 90°

Segmented Bend 90°

3. pressed bend 45°

Pressed Bend 45°

3. segmented bend 45°

Segmented Bend 45°

4. male reducer

Male Reducer

4. reducer


5. coupling


5. female coupling

Female coupling

6. take off


7. collar saddle

Collar Saddle

8. lateral t piece

Lateral T-Piece

8. t piece


9. filter coupling

Filter Coupling

10. round duct silencer

Round Duct Silencer

ventilation ducts manufacturing
About SuperAir

We Have 30+ Years of Experience in Ventilation Ducts Manufacturing

SuperAir specializes in ventilation systems with complete service including design, manufacturing, and installation. SuperAir has been a leading supplier of ventilation ducts, with a long list of reference projects both in marine applications and land.

More than 90% of the production equipment is the advanced imported equipment in the industry, can support all kinds of metal products customized and OEM production.

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One-stop Solution

Leading Solutions & Standards in Marine Ventilation Industry

SuperAir has strong technical force, complete design software and hardware facilities, and the ability to undertake detailed design, production design and on-site technical support.

We undertake projects in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) format, providing comprehensive services to our customers.

  • Corresponding standards: DW144, SMACNA, EN, GB, etc.
  • Factory leakage test meets DW143 highest Class D/SMACNA Class 3.
  • Materials: galvanized steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
custom producs 4
Why Choose Us

The 6 reasons why customers choose SuperAir

Explore the six key reasons behind our customers’ preference for our services. Uncover the factors that set us apart and make us the ideal choice for your needs

Competitive Price

High-level automation reduces labor costs greatly, enabling SuperAir to provide the best prices

Package Supplier

Offering full-spectrum HVAC solutions, from design and supply to construction management and commissioning services

Comprehensive range

A big range of HVAC/R Products enables customers to source everything in one stop.

Strong R&D support

With owned tooling workshops, it is easier and more efficient to develop new products

Strict Quality Control

ISO 9001 certified & SGS audited manufacturer, strictly performs quality control

Talented Team

40+ designers, 8 seniors, 2 Japanese experts. Over a decade of HVAC experience per key staff member.

Ropax Project

222.6m×35m×46.8m, 1124 living accommodations

Offshore Engineering Project

Height 118 m, total weight about 32,000 tons

Modules Project

LNGC Project, Canada

Luxury Cruises Project

Adora Magic city Luxury Cruise Ship
Our Certifications


Superaircool ventilation ducts meets all the necessary quality and safety standards.

Whar Our Clients Say

Our Happy Clients From 60+ Countries

Danny Gray
Managing Director

Excellent service – Jason was very friendly and clear in his communication. He also solved the problem and everything is running very well again!

Salvatore Caruso
Oversea Purchasing

Superair did a fabulous job. I shall highly recommend Superair to anyone wanting excellent service and quality in a quick turn around, they are very reliable, informative, professional. I am very satisfied with them…


SuperAir struck us because of the very friendly and confidential appearance as a company and Jason as a person! What a European can be embarrassed about! Top company!

Chloe Newts

Great Professional Services at a reasonable price. SuperAir go the extra mile for customer service.



Our ventilation duct designs comply with industry standards and safety regulations to ensure safe and reliable installation for your operations. Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control to meet various classification society and building standards.

We provide comprehensive installation and maintenance services to ensure proper installation and sustained performance of ventilation ducts for your facilities. Our expert team customizes designs and installations based on your requirements and offers regular maintenance and inspections to keep systems running smoothly.

Our ventilation ducts are designed for efficiency, utilizing high-quality materials and designs to minimize energy consumption and enhance system performance for your operations. We offer energy-efficient solutions to help you reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

Yes, we offer customized ventilation duct solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether for ships or buildings, we design and manufacture according to your specifications to ensure a perfect fit and performance.

Our ventilation ducts are manufactured using high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control and testing, ensuring long-term stability and performance for your operations. Our products offer excellent durability and reliability, capable of operating in various environmental conditions.

Our ventilation ducts are competitively priced with short delivery timelines, providing you with a competitive advantage. We work with multiple suppliers to ensure timely delivery and offer flexible pricing and payment options to meet your needs.

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