Air Conditioning Brackets: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have an outdoor air conditioning unit? If so, how is it mounted? Maybe you’ve installed yours on the ground? Or perhaps you’ve installed it on the window or the wall without a support bracket.

Although a properly installed air conditioning unit should sit securely in the window without the need for extra support, there are several reasons why you might prefer to mount your ac unit on a wall (with an air conditioning bracket) rather than on the ground.

In this article, we’ll look at how air conditioning brackets secure air conditioning units to walls and windows and why they’re essential for holding your air conditioner in place.

‍What are Air Conditioning Brackets?

Air conditioning brackets are steel frames installed on a wall or window to hold the weight of an ac unit. These brackets are necessary, especially when installing window air conditioners, wall-mounted units, and outdoor mini-split systems.

Air conditioning brackets are built of heavy metal, such as stainless steel, and their work is to support the air conditioner’s weight. They sit on the window ledge and are screwed to the window frame. The air conditioner bracket should have an outward tilt to allow condensate drip outside.

The Significance of Air Conditioning Bracket

  • Secures Window and Wall Air Conditioners

All window or wall-type air conditioners require an air conditioner support bracket fitted outside the window. Fitting these support brackets into the wall surface requires drilling, although some models do not. Therefore, the air conditioner bracket should be strong enough to hold the unit’s weight through the wall and secure it as it sits precariously outside the window.

  • Mounts Air Conditioner for Better Airflow

Wall-mounted units are set high up on walls to improve airflow. While the height of the air conditioner installation is essential for air circulation and cooling efficiency, it requires a strong support bracket to keep the heavy air conditioning unit pinned to the wall.

  • Allow Space Optimization

Support brackets also enable homeowners to utilize available wall space without taking up valuable floor space. Air conditioner brackets keep the air conditioning unit out of daily operations, which is especially important in offices and retail stores.

  • It is a Necessity in Air Conditioner Installations

Modern air-conditioning units require drilling brackets into the walls to hold them up. Except for central, ceiling, and portable air con systems, air conditioners need brackets for safety and secure installations. Or else, property owners risk having their air conditioners fall because the wall cannot hold the weight.

Furthermore, air conditioner installation techs do not allow homeowners to set up their air conditioning units without support brackets for their safety.

Final Thought

To put it briefly, a good support bracket for installing your air conditioner must have the proper certification. Any fasteners used must meet basic qualification requirements and installations carried out safely. And the best air conditioner support bracket for your unit is one that serves all of these functions. Check out SuperAir for all air conditioner and outside unit installation services.

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