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SuperAir in China Trade Fair 2023

superair team in 12th china trade fair poland 2023 01

The 12th China (Poland) Trade Fair 2023 was successfully held in Warsaw from 31 May to 2 June. The fair fully resumed physical participation and enhanced face-to-face communication, attracting 350 exhibitors from 8 provinces and 31 cities and regions across China. It fully demonstrated the enthusiasm of Chinese enterprises in exploring the “Belt and Road” and Central and Eastern European markets. The site was laid out according to 8 major professional exhibitions, including the Textile and Garment Exhibition, Consumer Electronics Exhibition, Auto and Motorcycle Accessories Exhibition, Beauty and Beauty Development, Building Materials and Hardware Exhibition, Household Electrical Appliances Exhibition, Household Gifts Exhibition, and Industrial Machinery Exhibition.

12th china trade fair poland 2023 02
12th china trade fair Poland 2023

This exhibition is the most concentrated display of Made in China in Central and Eastern European countries since the outbreak. Local people told reporters that through the “Belt and Road” initiative, more and more quality Chinese goods had entered Europe, bringing benefits to local people. We hope to see even more extensive cooperation and closer interaction between China and Europe in the future.

12th china trade fair poland 2023 01
12th china trade fair Poland 2023

SuperAir is proud to be one of the participants in this exhibition, bringing three major product lines, namely ventilation metal accessories, air conditioning installation accessories, and customized items, hoping that through our efforts, we can bring innovative new products to more customers.

superair team in 12th china trade fair poland 2023 03
SuperAir team 2023
superair team in 12th china trade fair poland 2023 02
SuperAir team in 12th China Trade fair Poland 2023

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